Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Breastfeeding Concerns

Not long ago I wrote a post about my desire to breastfeed successfully and longer this go around.  I'm reading the book The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and I'm finding it extremely informative and helpful, but it does bring up some concerns that I have.

I'm not really a "crunchy" mom.  I'm down with breastfeeding and baby wearing and making your own baby food if that's what floats your boat.  I've certainly done all of them, but I'm not the type of mom who wants to be attached to the baby 24/7 forever.

I like spending some time by myself or with my friends or with my husband and the book makes it seems like my job is to be a milk machine, not just in those first few weeks/months when you're in a motherhood fog anyway, but for like your whole life.

I'm also really not trying to forgo an epidural in order to get bf'ing off to a smoother start.  You can call me selfish in that regard, I've certainly been called worse.

So I have a few more concerns to throw at your feet.

1.  Can I successfully breastfeed with medical interventions during delivery?

2.  Can I bf even if I don't co-sleep?

3.  Can I bf, while still offering bottles of expressed milk?

4.  What should I expect in those first few weeks?  I forget what it was was like or more likely, I blocked it out.

5.  Do I have to be completely attached to baby 24/7?  A shower alone or a walk with Isabella sound pretty important to me?


Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

I don't have answers to most of those questions, but you can totally breastfeed without being a super mega attachment parenting mama. I feel attached to my kids, and I wear my baby occasionally, but I'm not glued to them :) Even the wee one, when he was new, spent time very much not attached to me! Didn't hurt a thing!

Just Jill said...

I do not co sleep, not my thing. and nursed my daughter for a year and still nursing my 6 month old son. ...I got an epidural and my son latched on right then and there no issue at all! You can do it with out being so attached to the baby. Good luck!

Madonna said...

My milk didn't come in for either baby, but I asked a lot of questions before finding that out. I have a few good friends who did not co-sleep and nursed their kids with success. They also used a bottle for when baby was with someone else. The only thing the doctor had said was to try and wait a few weeks until bf was underway, and find a nipple (and paci if you choose) in similar style. Good luck!

MissH said...

I can't answer all your questions but
1. I got an epidural and breastfed just fine afterwards, just make sure that they give you the baby right after he/she is born, their instincts are really strong right after birth so it is a good time to work on the latch. It also kick starts the milk making process.
3.I would try to breast feed exclusively for at least the first few weeks, it helps to build your supply up and since one of the biggest problems woman have are supply issues that is really important. After that I introduced the bottle, it took a little work to get her to take it but she did and we started giving her a bottle every night while I made dinner to give me a break.
4. The first few weeks were hard, Hannah fed about every hour and a half during the day and every three hours at night. I made a special play box for my toddler with new toys and coloring books and special treats to keep him entertained while I nursed and that really helped him. I also bought a few new books for me since I would have so much downtime.
5. I had a clingy little baby so I never got more than a couple hours to myself those first few months. But I did hand her off for me time when I could, But showers and taking my toddler out by himself for a couple hours was totally do-able. A few times I just handed the baby off to my husband and told him not to call me unless it was a life of death situation and went out shopping or to lunch.

I also started taking fenugreek in the beginning to help with my supply (it works very well with low supply) . I started putting the lanolin on my nipple as soon as I had her, that seemed to help them not crack to much. Those first couple of weeks are pretty painful though.

jennifereastman1973 said...

I had no problem breastfeeding. I did not co-sleep. Our daughter slept in her crib in her room from the beginning. I did get an epidural and did not get to see her right away. We had a few latch issues and used a breast feeding guru, well worth it. My husband was happy to do night feedings so we started the bottle early which helped him bound with her. I would pump and go back to sleep. Rest assured, as long as your milk comes in you can do this! Oh, yeah, you need to get the baby to accept a bottle to. This can be a challenge for some. Good luck!

Ashley said...

1. Can I successfully breastfeed with medical interventions during delivery?
I'm sure it's doable but can't comment personally

2. Can I bf even if I don't co-sleep?
I do not co-sleep and have not had a problem bf

3. Can I bf, while still offering bottles of expressed milk?
yes, if your baby will take them (my first 2 did and my last 2 didn't without a ton of protest)

4. What should I expect in those first few weeks? I forget what it was was like or more likely, I blocked it out.
first few weeks are super rough, first 6 weeks are a challenge for me and after 6 weeks it's pretty easy

5. Do I have to be completely attached to baby 24/7? A shower alone or a walk with Isabella sound pretty important to me?
I am not attached to my baby.....I go shopping, to the dentist etc alone. I just leave a bottle or feed and dash

Good LUCK!!

Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

In response to questions 1-3 YES!! I was one badass breast feeder and I had an epidural, didn't cosleep, and introduced the bottle within the first couple of weeks. By the time I went back to work I trained my boobs to just produce milk at night and in the mornings so that I could still breastfeed but didn't have to pump during the day. Pretty dang sweet. I think I've mentally blocked out the first couple weeks of my kiddos lives so I can't help ya there. I just know that I was pretty on top of offering the boob every couple hours (even if I had to wake baby up) to establish a good milk supply etc.

Babes Mami said...

I feel like every kid is different. I had a cesarean with Abby after attempting a VBAC, they gave me a spinal block and as soon as I was in recovery I had her in my arms letting her root around and try to latch. She never really got on that night but I've always had latch issues. We sort of co sleep but only if she's been eating and I fall asleep before I get her back in the crib lol. I feed Abby a combo of expressed milk from a bottle and boob but up until last week it was only bottle because she had latch issues. Now it's a 50/50 combo and she uses a paci, she doesn't seem to care what is in her mouth as long as she can suck on it and get food or comfort. I need my space and time too!

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