Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Getting Delusional

When I was pregnant with Isabella my head was filled with delusions of grandeur.  I imagined white, billowing, gauzy curtains where I would sit in the rocking chair with the sunlight streaming in and she and I would play and nurse and it was magical.  Never mind that I never purchased white gauzy curtains.  I imagined her, Andy and I lounging in bed with her smiling and cooing up at us.


It left me very unprepared for the challenges of new motherhood.  The squalling.  The poop.  The witching hour.  The dirty laundry piled up.  The incessant stream of visitors.

Dude, motherhood was not what I pictured.

So this time I kept my mind clear of delusions.  No one was gonna pull the wool over my eyes.  And I've been good.  Imagining life with a new baby, but trying to keep it realistic.  I envisioned Isabella throwing tantrums.  Me drinking coffee.  And the new baby crying all night long.

Until recently.

Now that D-day is getting closer, I'm starting to slip into old delusions.  Windows, sunlight and all.  It's a pretty picture, but not so realistic.  Or maybe this time it will be...

Or maybe I just don't learn my lesson!


Caitlin MidAtlantic said...

My oldest was born in the winter during crazy snowstorms - so there was no sun, anywhere for anyone. But with my 2nd born in May, I actually did have time sitting in the glider with sun streaming through the window! I was so much more relaxed the 2nd time in general, it really was more like what I imagined the first time. There's hope!

Babes Mami said...

I think that going from 1-2 has been MUCH easier then going from 0-1 so, keep hope alive. It hasn't been awful here at all, Abigail is pretty chill.

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