Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'm Not (That) Miserable

So I've been rereading my latest blog posts, which is something I almost never do because once I hit the "publish" button I decide that everything I just wrote is complete drivel and doesn't sound anything like it did in my head.

But holy cranky ass batman! I've been quite whiney and complainy about this pregnancy, probably from the beginning, but definitely lately.  And while I won't renege...I very much dislike being pregnant.  I'm big, I'm uncomfortable, I'm annoyed with people's comments.  It's messing with my drinking, no heels, no cute clothes, no good sex.


I am getting very excited to meet this baby.  I can't wait to see if it will be a boy or a girl.  What will Mrs. Petrillo look like?  What kind of baby will s/he be?  What will it be like to have a newborn around the house again?  How will Isabella adjust to being a big sister?  So many exciting things on the horizon.  I know that there will be really difficult times and that adjusting to lack of sleep while taking care of a very demanding almost 4 year old, but I'm ready for this next chapter to begin.

I'm excited to become a family of four.  I'm even a little bit excited about the idea of staying in pajamas all day taking care of the newborn and throwing the cleaning list to the wolves.

So while I grow weary of the bump and the body aches, I am really ready to meet this wee babe.


Jackie said...

Glad to hear this! I was getting kind of worried.... not that I know you personally, but it did seem like a lot of complaining. Hope you're not offended I said that, but glad to hear you're also excited!

Melissa G. said...

Not offended at all. I know when I'm being a Debbie downer. I think I use my blog as a place to vent so I don't become a pain to the people around me in real life but I need to write about the good too.

Alison said...

Excited for you, it's close now, right?

I love my boys, but I did NOT love pregnancy, especially the final month. Everything hurt and I just wanted the baby to be here already.

That said, he's now nearly 1, time really flies once they're here! :)

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