Friday, April 26, 2013

Isabella Update

First, I'd like to thank all of you for your advice and input when I wrote THIS POST about Isabella being a bit sad/withdrawn at school.

Andy and I have made a conscious effort not to talk too much about the new baby this week and to make sure she was getting lots of attention from us as individuals and together as a family.  I think we've both been a bit preoccupied with all the things that needed to get done before the baby arrives.  And while we haven't had an actual fight in front of her, we've absolutely been a bit tense lately.  So we made sure to work on that.

I'm happy to report that Isabella had a much better week this week.  She was active and playful in preschool.  She participated in dance class.  She made new friends at the park.  She engaged in story time at the library.

Maybe she just didn't have the vocabulary to express that she's anxious about the upcoming changes in our family dynamic.  Maybe she picked up some of our tension and anxiety.  Maybe she was just having a bad week.

I'm anticipating some other behavioral issues once the baby is actually a real life, squalling presence in our life, but for now she's still the star of the show and we've been making sure she knows how much she is loved.

For those of you who suggested that abuse might be an issue, I'd just like to put your mind at rest.  I appreciate your concern, but I can nearly 100% guarantee you that no one is hurting her either physically or emotionally.  She's only ever with me, Andy, my mom or my sister if she's not at school.  I think it much more likely that she's going through a phase, especially since there's so much I can't do with her anymore (carry her for long periods, wrestle around with her, etc)

Thanks for the advice and suggestions!


Babes Mami said...

I must have missed that post when I had too many blogs to read so I hit 'mark all as read'. Nate was a wee bit sad/depressed for a bit before I had the baby. He sort of explained that he missed me being able to run around with him and he was worried about baby arriving. I ended up having him and Chris room with me at the hospital (they had a huge pull out air mattress couch thing) because he was so anxious about me and Abby that he was unable to be calmed. I'm glad she's doing better!!

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