Friday, April 5, 2013

Out of the Corner of My Eye

There's something about this house that's been kind of driving me nuts.  Every so often I'll see something, right at the corner of my a shadow or a figure.  It's a subtle movement that causes me to turn quickly only to find nothing there.

corner of my eyeIt's starting to bug me out.

My first thought went immediately to ghost, because that's the logical explanation, then to ghoul, spirit or demon.  Obviously right?  But then I'm thinking maybe I'm just not used to the way the light plays in the new digs or the fact that there are so many windows (and no window treatments because I don't know what I want) to reflect passing cars or people.

We've lived here for about 3 months and it still catches me all the time.  It freaks me out.  Sometimes I think maybe it's a serial killer stalking me, but I think he'd be bored of me by now.

Whatever it is: killer, demon, or passing's starting to mess with my head!

2 comments: said...

eek! maybe a "floater" (like something inside your eye)? I'm pretty sure floater is not the correct medical term but I don't know what it's called....

The Dose of Reality said...

That would totally freak me out! I have it happen every now and then from one of our windows at night, and it always scares me!

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