Monday, May 27, 2013

An Ode to My Husband

I can unequivocally say that without Andy I'd have fallen apart.  This is the truth.  He has been so amazing and so helpful and I usually never write posts like this because they come off as super fake and phony, but I couldn't not write it.

The feeding of our new sweet girl falls completely on me since I'm the one with the boobs and I haven't started pumping yet.  This is both absolutely wonderful and absolutely draining, especially those middle of the night feedings that can sometimes last an hour or more.  But he's been great.  He wakes up when she does and changes her diaper before giving her to me to feed.  He gets up with Isabella and makes us all breakfast.  He helps out with dinner.  He even swept and mopped the floors without me asking.  He's been trying to be good about getting me out of the house and he's been my absolute biggest breast feeding supporter.  There were times when the initial latch on pain was so bad and my poor nips were so cracked and bloody that I was ready to completely throw in the towel and he really rallied behind me reminding me how important this was to me.

What's also wonderful is that he has 6 weeks paid family leave, which is better than my 6 week unpaid maternity leave (but it's ok since I only have to go back to work one day and then I'm off until September...couldn't have timed this baby better!).  So it's really nice to have him home with us and not have to worry about him getting up early and going to work.  We can tag team each other and make sure everyone gets a shower and a nap in if needed.

I'm just so full of love for my new little family and having Andy's help and support had made the transition go much smoother, it makes me feel like I can handle all the bumps in the road and has kept (most) of my anxiety at bay.


Madonna said...

That's awesome that your husband gets so much family leave! My husband got a week and that was very helpful, especially with our second.

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