Thursday, May 9, 2013

Giving Myself a Break

I expect more from myself than I do from anybody else.  I have a very detailed "to-do" list every week. I cook 5 nights a week.  I clean.  I write.  I try and do fun crafts/experiments with Isabella.  I organize.  I push myself to do these things.  I feel guilty when I just sit around during the day and do nothing.

I've come to terms that that is just who I am and it's best to embrace it, form systems that work well with it, and live it.


I am 9 months pregnant.

My body is gently requesting that I take a lode off and take it easy.  So I've listened.  I scrapped the to-do list.  I've been putting my feet up.  I've been watching bad TV.  I've been letting my almost no screen time family watch some movies, even though it's sunny outside.  When we are outside and playing, I let Andy take a more active role and I stick to things like blowing bubbles and pushing a swing.

I've been delegating.  I hired a cleaning lady to come twice a month to clean the house.  I've asked my sister to run some errands for me.  My mom has taken over doing the laundry and Andy has just been wonderful.  He's taken on a lot of household responsibilities and has even taken on some cooking (although, to be honest, that's still my forte).

It's been a little disconcerting.  But it's been nice to let people take care of me for a change.  It's been nice to actually relax on the weekends instead of jetting off to a million places trying to get a million things done.  And you know what?  Everyone is surviving just fine.  The Earth hasn't spun off it's orbit because I didn't mop the floors.  Isabella is still perfectly happy to play in her own back yard instead of going to the park with a friend.  Andy was more than happy to grill up a dinner on the bbq for his family, even if he did ask a lot of questions about the side dishes.

It's good practice for me.  I want to rest after delivery, not feel guilty about everything.


Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

Good for you!! You totally deserve and little R&R! All momma's do. And isn't having someone clean your house THE BEST? I swear it totally changed my life and made my marriage so much better. Worth the $. Now where is baby?

misssrobin said...

This makes me so happy. I'm proud of you! Making yourself take it easy when it's not in your comfort zone is tough, but it's important. Especially now.

Keep taking care of you!

Teresa Triolo said...

Kind of happy I don't have to clean the kitchen any moer. Even though I know I would have done a great job :)

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