Thursday, May 2, 2013


Nesting is no joke.  Seriously, intellectually I know that my body needs this time to kind of kick back and relax, both physically and mentally in preparation for this baby, but the little voice in my head keeps saying "CLEAN ALL THE BASEBOARDS"

I've been a complete cluster fuck of cleaning and organizing lately.  I've:

  • Cleaned all the baseboards and wiped them down with a dryer sheet because pinterest says it keeps the dust away.
  • Swapped out all the Fall/Winter clothes for Spring/Summer ones
  • Organized and cleaned all the outside toys
  • Organized my draws and Isabella's
  • Cleaned out the junk draw
  • Organized the closets
  • Organized the coupons
  • Deep cleaned the oven
  • Washed the windows
  • Washed all the bathroom rugs
  • Practiced wrapping my moby wrap
I think I may have snapped.  I've also been pretty busy prepping freezer meals so we're not living off pizza and charity when the baby comes.  Somebody stop me!


Jo said...

Well on the bright side at least you will not have to clean anything for a while once baby arrives :) But do try and take it easy(ier)

Madonna said...

Oh my! I am not even pregnant and don't have that kind of energy. Since I was induced with the kids, I didn't go through the nesting phase. I made a to-do list that never got done. Try to take it easy in the last couple of weeks - almost there!

misssrobin said...

Instead of stopping you can I just give you my address and you can come channel some of that crazy energy here?

Don't worry. Once the baby comes you'll be so tired you won't want to do any of that stuff. That's why you're doing it all now. Those crazy hormones know what they're doing.

On a side note, I can't believe it's been so long since I've been to your blog. Last time I was here you were announcing you were pregnant.

I hope it's all going well. Best wishes for a quick and simple delivery. said...

You make me nervous to have another child. I was so exhausted during my first trimester that I don't know how I'd get along running behind my 3 year old and carrying another gut full of human. Whew...Andrea @ visiting from SITS.

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