Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Stinky Feet

Whenever I've had my doctor's appointments I try to wear the least amount of clothing possible so that when I get on the scale it's not too terrifying.  So usually, I wear a pair of leggings with a tank and a long cardigan.  I take off the cardi and I have just leggings and a tank...nice and light.  I want to be able to eat all my pounds not pay for them in bulky outerwear.  Since the majority of my pregnancy has taken place during the colder months, I've worn my boots and just taken them off and stepped on the scale in my socks.  No problem.

Until Spring came.

I made a big rookie mistake.  I was heading to the doctor's office straight from work when I realized that I was wearing ballet flats.  Which every woman knows that flats = stinky feet.

Now I had a conundrum.  Do I go on the scale with my shoes on and take the hit for the extra half pound or so OR do I take my shoes off and stink out the nurse?

First I called Andy and I asked him if he thought I had time to come home, wash my feet and put on sneakers.  He said that I did not have time and that I was crazy.

Then I called my friend Kristy, she said I had to suck it up and keep my shoes on.  Then she said I was crazy.

Then I called my friend Jen and she said that I needed to stink out the nurse and keep my extra pound.  She also said that I was NOT crazy.  So she wins and I took her advice.

stinky feet pregnancy
Not my feet
I got to the office about 15 minutes early so I slipped off the offending flats and blasted the car's air conditioner on my feet and shoes to maybe dry them out a bit.  I also googled "how to get rid of stinky feet fast" but since I didn't have any vinegar or antibacterial soap in the car I was SOL. When they called my name I took my shoes off and immediately smelled them.

I'm so gross.

But whatever I only gained the exact 2 lbs I was supposed to so that makes up for any stinkability I may have caused.  Also, these are nurses, I'm sure they're used to worse.

I did notice that she glanced down at my feet and then I pedicure either!!!

I was a big foot offender that day.  But no worries I learned my lesson.  I now have perfectly and professionally pedicured toes and I make sure to wear either socks or flip flops on doctor day, especially since I'm there every blessed week now.

See, I'm not crazy at all.


Khloé Belle Gadson said...

Smelly cat...smelly cat..

I couldn't have done it. I'd disgust myself. They have to make something..someone, somewhere has to invent something that would stop the smell when wearing flats.

Try this: Keep some wipes and antibacterial stuff in your car and maybe extra pair of "new" flats...whenever that happens again, you can wipe your feet quickly, lather them with antibacterial, throw on the clean smelling flats and go to your doc's appt.Consider it a first aid kit for your feet.


The Dose of Reality said...

I definitely remember having those same thoughts when I went to the doctor...want to be as completely light as possible! ;)-Ashley

Petite Smiles said...

You can also try cloth insoles!

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