Friday, June 28, 2013


My days are sort of blending all together.  If there's one thing that's true about newborns it's that their care can get very monotonous...very mundane.  There's feeding, rocking, putting them down for a nap, changing diapers, and laundry in no short supply.  Then there's the fun of keeping Isabella active and entertained.

The days bleed into one another until I'm looking at Arya and thinking, it's feeding time again? The days fly by, one identical to the next and now I'm craving a little shake up in my routine, but also anxious of shaking things up too much.  We have a huge backyard with a pool that Isabella and I can play in while the baby naps, but I'm still home even though I'm outside.  Even if company is over.

So it's time to shake things up...but only slightly.  We went out to dinner with my parents and both kiddos the other night and while I always spend part of my time out with two kids in a gentle panic, it went great.  The little one slept and the big one enjoyed a big plate of ice cream as a treat from grandpa and when Arya got fussy towards the end of the meal, my mom took her outside for a change of scenery.  It was great and it felt great to get out of my little rut.

I also met up with some coworkers for happy hour the other day and while I was, again, in a slight state of panic at being away from the baby and having to pump the missed feedings, it felt great to have a beer in the sunshine.  Andy and I are also planning a date night for the weekend and we're planning on taking Isabella to see Monster's University the following week while my mom watches the baby.

It might not seem like much, but it's enough to break up the monotony.  I'm the type of person who simultaneously craves and resents routines.  I like knowing what to expect.  I like to plan for my day to have it go as seamlessly as possible.  However, routine makes me grow restless, dissatisfied and antsy.  I get at odds with myself because I want to shake things up, but I hold myself back.

Baby steps as I grow into a mommy of two.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


I think as mothers we are constantly doubting ourselves, at least I know I am.  I'm sure it's partly because we are constantly inundated with information and advice, most of it conflicting that we're left in the lurch because no matter how we parent we are going against the advice of some "expert".

I doubt myself all the time.

I doubt myself with the new baby:  is she getting enough breast milk?  Is she eating too much?  Should I put her in her crib?  When should I stop swaddling her?  Am I starting bad habits?  Will she miss me when I go back to work?  Will she think I abandoned her?  Is that poop normal?

I doubt myself with Isabella:  Am I consistent enough?  Do I let her get away with too much?   Are her eating habits ok?  Does she watch too much TV?  Am I speaking kindly to her?  Am I parenting out of love or out of anger?  Does she feel loved?  Does she have too much in her schedule?

My friend Ariel at Dreams To Do, wrote this post on being Mom Enough and I think she has a great point...that if we love our kids we're already doing a great job.  I think that we are so overwhelmed with the super mommies on pinterest and blogs and facebook that we have to remember that we are comparing our behind the scenes to their highlight reel.

I'm sure that we are all messing our kids up a little bit, but at least they'll have somewhere to direct their anger when they're older right?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Baby Weight Update #2

Another week gone and I've managed to lose 0.7 lbs.  I ran into the same problem this week as I did last week, rewarding myself with food.  Isabella's birthday party was this Saturday (I'm working on that post) and I rewarded myself for having given birth 4 years ago with two delicious cupcakes.  But I did manage to get myself back on track.  Another issue I'm running into is that when I wake up to nurse Arya in the middle of the night, sometimes I get so ravenously hungry that I grab something quick to eat and it's usually a pop tart or some other highly processed food that is a ton of empty calories.  So I'm going to keep healthier protein bars on hand in case I need them.

This is the week I'm cleared for exercise, so I'm hoping that adding in a run or a swim a few times a week will help shed some of the pounds and I'll slowly add in weight training to help tone up the flab, especially around the middle.

Here's hoping for a bigger loss next week.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Parent Society

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If you like what you see please share it on your social media!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Good Days and Bad Days

This past month that Arya has come into our family have been a mixed bag of good days and bad days.  

Some days are wonderful.  The sun shines.  Arya naps easily and long.  Isabella is a good listener and we get to spend some great time together one-on-one.  Andy might take her to the park so I can rest while Arya naps.  We'll have a great family dinner and play outside or go swimming in the pool.  After the girls are in bed Andy and I will have a glass of wine and reconnect while watching a TV show.  I have time to squeeze in a few chores.  Those are the best days.  

Then there are the bad days.  Arya fights her naps, sometimes it will take me 30 minutes to get her to fall asleep and stay asleep and then the nap is super short anyway.  The walking and rocking and shhhing and pacing really wear me down nap after nap.  Isabella is ridiculously and incessently demanding.  She doesn't listen and I get short with her.  Andy spends his time working on the lawn instead of helping with the kids when I'm at the end of my tether.  Dinner is scarfed down in shifts because there are babies to tend to and after bedtime instead of cuddling, we collapse into our own private time which leaves us feeling disconnected.  The laundry isn't put away and the tables are full of clutter.  Those are the worst days.

Then there are the inbetween days.  Where it's a little bit of both all mixed together and you help pull each other out of the bad moments and find joy in the good ones.  

But that's life right?  Not just babies.  It's all a journey.  It's a good life.  

Friday, June 21, 2013

Grumpy Baby

Oh, my Arya...dear, sweet, grumpy Arya.  This baby doesn't like anything.

Swings are lame.  Bouncy seats are lame.  Baths are lame.  Play mats are lame.  You know what's not lame?  Being held, boobs, the moby wrap.

Baths are no fun!

Isabella was a wretched newborn, but at least you got a chance to put her down every once in a while.  This one, not so much a fan.  I love holding her sweet little sleepy body, but sometimes I equally love putting her down and having use of both my arms.  So I can like, eat and shower and play with my biggest.  Also, she's a bit of a fuss budget.

But if it's one thing I know, they never stay in a phase forever.  Eventually they grow out of it or you train them out of it or whatever.  I thing that's why I don't get so super frustrated after I'm rocking her for the 3rd time because every time I put the kid down her eyes pop open like two ping pong balls.  I know that it's just temporary.  I know it gets better.  I know it gets easier and I know that once they stop doing one thing to piss you off they're on to the next pain in the ass thing, because, let's face awesome as kids are, they are kind of a pain in the ass!  That's why God makes babies so we don't eat them like insects do.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One Month Old

Weight: 8lbs 13 ounces (as of her 2 week check up...she goes to the doctor in a few days for her monthly visit)

Height: 20 and a half inches

Sleeping Habits: She usually takes 3-4 naps a day ranging in time from 45 minutes to 3 hours.  She's sleeping in her rock and play swaddled.  She's up from 1-2 hours in between naps.  We are currently walking/rocking her to sleep.  Sometimes she's easy to get down for a nap and other times it's a real pain in the ass.  I should probably start a nap routine at some point like I do at bed time and I can't wait to be rid of the swaddle because I hate it, even though she won't sleep without it.  She's an awesome nighttime sleeper.  After her last nap I feed her on one breast, give her a bath, change her into her pj's, and hunker down on the couch for her evening cluster feeds, then we swaddle and rock her.  She goes to sleep between 7pm-8pm and wakes up between 6am and 7am and only wakes up once in the night.  Isabella didn't do that until she was like 4 months old.  Sometimes she eats and goes right back to sleep and other times it's party central for an hour or so before she goes back to sleep.

Eating Habits: Breastfeeding is going really well.  Better than I had hoped.  She eats a lot and is on the boob quite often, but she's gaining weight and has a ton of wet and dirty diapers.  The evening cluster feeds wear me down quite a bit and it can get annoying to cover up all the time when company is over, but I'm so grateful that it's going so well.  If she does get a bottle (maybe once or twice a week), she'll take 4 ounces of expressed milk.

Milestones: Smiles!  She smiled at her Uncle Rick on June 15th.  I didn't believe it at first, but everyone confirmed it.

Best Thing This Month: Having a wee snuggly baby around again.  It's nice to hold a baby that small and smell that sweet baby smell.

Challenges This Month: Balancing.  I miss my one-on-one time with Isabella.  It's hard to tell her no or to wait or to ask Daddy.

Looking Forward To: A little more head control.  I like that she's so small and tiny, but I kind of like babies a bit better when they're not so bobble heady, although I have a while for that.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Baby Weight Update #1

Last week I wrote this post about getting my body back after baby.  And unfortunately I didn't do as great as I anticipated.  I started off the week with a bang, making sure to make healthy choices, but I quickly derailed as the week went on.  BBQ's, dinner at my parents, and sweets were all my downfall.  But not really, it was my lack of planning that really did me in.

I'm a planner.  If I make a plan I stick with it.  Before I got pregnant I was really great at making a weekly meal plan and sticking with it and making sure to track all of my calories and exercise and I was doing great.  I just need to get back into the swing of it.  I've been great about planning my dinners, but breakfast, lunch and snacks have been a little fly by the seat of your pants and I've been making quick choices instead of healthy choices.  Plus I've noticed that if I'm having a rough day, if Isabella is being especially demanding or if Arya is fighting a nap I'll "treat" myself with a piece of chocolate, but I'm not a dog and should not be rewarding myself with food for surviving the day.

I did manage to loose almost a pound this week, which is better than a gain.

So this week will be better, I'm tracking everyday and trying to make (and stick with) a plan.  

It Takes a Village

Babies are a lot of work.  The incessant diaper changes, feedings, crying, fussiness, laundry, blow out diapers with poop leaking up the back.  Kids are a lot of work.  They need help getting dressed, they want to go out and play, they need to be reminded to eat food that isn't ladened with sugar.  I really understand the concept of "It takes a village to raise a child".  Because man oh man is it difficult on your own.

My husband, Andy, is a great help.  He'll change Arya's diaper, hold her while I eat or shower, and put her down for a nap.  He encourages me to breastfeed when I'm ready to throw in the towel and he helps make sure I get out of the house.  He takes Isabella out to play when I'm in the throws of a cluster feed and he helps make dinner.

My mom comes whenever I ask her and whenever she thinks I need it.  She'll do crafts with Isabella, hold the baby, put her down for a nap.  She does laundry and helps with some housework.  She'll watch Arya so Andy and I can take Isabella to the park or out for ice cream.

My sister comes once a week and she'll do Isabella's bedtime or play dress up with her.  She'll take Isabella for a fancy slumber party or on a trip to the zoo.

I have great friends who come up just to keep me company and give me some normalcy when I feel like the days are just blending into each other and I'm dripping with monotony.

It's great to have a village.  I'm not sure I could do it all alone.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Floppy Ear

So Arya has a floppy ear.  When she was first born I noticed it right away and the doctor who delivered her told me that it was probably just the way she was lying in utero.  Then the hospital pediatrician came to examine her and she said that it was soft cartilage and to follow up with our pediatrician.  When we took her to her first visit I brought it up and the doctor said that, unfortunately, there was nothing that they could do about it right now since she was so small and that it might eventually correct on its own.

::Cue rapid fire googling::

It seemed that there were stints that you could purchase to tape the ear back, but I wasn't sure if it was legit or not so I made an appointment with a pediatric ENT to get a second opinion.  I always find it wise to get a second opinion on things that stick in my craw.

He gave some more information, but unfortunately said the same thing as our pediatrician.  He said that since she's so young and the ear hasn't finished growing that there's nothing they can do to correct it.  Once she's around 6 or 7 years old her ear should be done growing and then, if it hasn't corrected on its own, they can do a procedure called an otoplasty so the ear won't flop down.  He said this is usually around the time that the ear has reached its full size and around the age where she might begin to feel self-conscious about it. He said we can use a soft baby head band which might help a bit, but she hates them and I'm not going to make her sit and cry.  He also said that there's less than a 25% chance of it self correcting.  But it's not impossible, so I'm trying to stay positive.

I was glad to get a second opinion, but it hurt my momma heart when I left the office that day.  I can't imagine anyone teasing my sweet little girl about her ear.  As mothers all we want to do is protect our kids.  I just don't want her to have to deal with anything extra that could cause her pain or embarrassment.

As a teacher I've seen young children be incredibly kind, but they can also be incredibly cruel and I don't want Arya on the wrong end of any of that.  If her hair is anything like her sister's we can always cover it if she feels self-conscious about it.  A good friend of mine said that it's not usually children who are rude about things like that, but more the adults.  Adults I can handle.

Ear be damned, she's just the most beautiful little girl.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Oh how I love summer. I love the smell of sunscreen laden children.  I love drinking a cold beer in the sunshine.  I love BBQ's.  I love lazy days and hot nights.  There's so much I want to enjoy this summer so I'm making a summer bucket list.

  • Build a sand castle at the beach
  • Go night swimming
  • Sesame Place parade
  • Craft/Experiment/Bake once a week (this might be tough, but I'm gonna try)
  • Eat S'mores in the backyard while looking up at the stars
  • Have a picnic
  • Family game night
  • Family movie night
  • Puddle jumping in the rain
  • Trip to the zoo
  • Trip to the aquarium 
  • Children's museum
  • Park 
  • See a baseball game
  • Have ice cream for dinner
We're lucky that we have a big pool in the backyard so I can spend days with Arya in the shade while Isabella plays.  I'm going to try and have lots of playdates for her so she doesn't feel so put out with the time I'm spending taking care of the baby.  It's going to be a great summer, if not totally exhausting.  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Cries

Sometimes...I get the cries.  I just get overwhelmed with emotion and the tears just flow.  I come off as a little bit of a sarcastic hard ass, but the thing is is that I'm really very sensitive and I have a lot of feelings.

I'll cry because I'm overwhelmed with the demands of new motherhood and balancing Isabella's needs with Arya's.  

I'll cry because I look at Arya's newborn face when she sleeps and I see her eyes flutter or her lips twitch and it just fills me with such awe that I could love such a tiny creature so fiercely.

I'll cry because Andy will look at me and tell me that I'm doing such a great job even though I've been in yoga pants all day and I spent Arya's 3 hour nap watching the Real Housewives of OC on demand and my teeth haven't been brushed in a day and a half.  

I'll cry because Isabella will cry to sit on my lap while I'm nursing her sister and it's not fair that I don't have an extra lap or an extra set of hands.  

I'll cry because all I want to do is Isabella's bedtime routine and she only wants her daddy to do it. 

I'll cry because every day my babies grow a little more.  Isabella will be in pre-school 5 full days next year and Arya will be my last little baby and each day she grows a little bit bigger and a little bit stronger.  I know how fast the years fly and I can't slow it down.  

I cry at the thought of Andy going back to work...he's been such a huge help and I'm so fortunate that he gets to stay home for the first six weeks.  I'm so used to having him around that I get anxiety when I think about him not being here and me managing a very demanding four year old and an infant on my own.  Especially when he goes back to midnights.  I think I might cry everyday he's gone.  

I cried the other day because the valence's for the baby's room still aren't up.  

I'm just so filled with emotions lately...good and bad.  I'm not sure if it's the hormones or the adjustments or if I'm just going soft, but there's definitely been a lot of tears springing lately.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shabby Apple Giveaway

Shabby Apple is an online dress boutique that specializes in vintage and retro dresses.Click Here: vintage dre

sses.  I'm a little bit obsessed with Shabby Apple because their dresses super chic and they have that retro charm.  Once I get back down to my pre-baby weight I'm totally going to splurge on a new cocktail dress  as a reward.  Gotta have some incentive no?

Shabby Apple has a ton of options to choose from, from vintage little black dresses, skirts, shoes, accessories, and they even have a maternity section!  I've got my eye on a sexy one piece bathing suit that will help to cover my stretch mark covered stomach while keeping me looking chic.  Win-win.

And if their high quality clothes weren't enough to  draw you in, what about the fact that they give 5% of its net income to Accion, which is a charity that provides impoverished women with the financial tools they need to work their way out of poverty.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Body Back after Baby

So I've been trying to be gentle with myself.  I've been trying to tell myself that my body spent the past 9 months growing and nurturing a human life, that a mere 4 weeks ago my body went through labor and birthed that life into the world.  I've been reminding myself that my body is doing something miraculous by making milk to take care of Arya's tiny body.

But to be honest, sometimes I take a peek at myself in the mirror and I don't feel miraculous or wonderful or gentle...I feel like a beast.  Like a big, giant, fat beast.  It turns out the areas that I was fat in before pregnancy are still the areas I'm fat it.  I was kind of hoping that maybe the baby would suck some fat out from the inside while she was in there, but no dice.

But today is Monday, nearly 4 weeks since I gave birth and I'm ready to get my body back.  I'm back using the My Fitness Pal App to help me track my calories, once I'm cleared from the obgyn to start exercising again, I'll start running again and maybe get back into the gym.  And I get an extra 500 calories a day for breastfeeding, which is sweet.

Here are my stats:

Pre-Pregnancy weight: 125
Weight I was when I gave birth: 152
Current Weight: 134.4
Goal Weight: 120

So I have a little less than 15lbs to lose.  I know I can do it.  I've done it before.  I'll try and keep myself accountable here and I'll remember that there will be good weeks and bad weeks and I will try not to beat myself up.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Best Friend?

I don't have a best friend.  I've had best friends.  I have close friends, but at this moment in time I can't honestly say that I have one best girlfriend.  I'm not counting Andy because he truly is my best friend, but for the purpose of this post I'm talking about girlfriends because it's very different.

I have a very close group of girlfriends whom I love and adore, but I'm a little bit older than they are, live a little further away, and have two children I need to focus on.  I don't necessarily fit in there like I used to and even though I spend as much time with them as I can, I wouldn't say that any one of them individually is a best friend.

Last year around this time I would have said that one of the girls that I work with was my best friend.  We would hang out often, talk on the phone and we really "got" each other and while we're still involved in each other's life, she just had a baby and she has a lot going on in regards to a not so great relationship and she's been a bit more guarded lately.  I still love her, but you can just tell that the connection isn't what it was.

Another girl who is still a very close friend was once a biffle, but again she has her own family...I have mine and it seems that the only time we're together lately is with the kids.

Sometimes I think it's me, maybe I just can't connect like I used to.  I can feel it inside me, something blocking me.  It wasn't always there, but it's most certainly gotten stronger as I get older.  It's something inside me holding me back.

Other times I think that maybe relationships just evolve and change; they're fluid.  People change and they grow and what you once had in common with someone, what once bound you together, dissolves and you fall away.  It's tempting to cling to a past memory, especially one that offers such comfort, but sometimes people just go off in their own directions, without malice or ill intent.

And then there's just the option that sometimes life just gets in the way of friendship.  People get busy with new friends, new loves, new houses, new babies, new jobs and there's only so much time in the day and something's gotta give.

Regardless of what the reason is that I don't have someone to call bff, I can tell you that I'm craving one.  Someone I can get together with, without the kids, and get our nails done or have a coffee or a cocktail...someone who gets it, who gets me.  Someone who doesn't judge, who I can vent to.  Someone who I can talk to without feeling awkward.  Someone who likes me even though I can be very unlikeable at times.

I'm grateful for the good friends I have in my life, and for the best friend I have in my husband, but it sure would be nice to have a very dear best friend again.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sleep When the Baby Sleeps

Ah that's the advice given to all parents isn't it?  Sleep when the baby sleeps.  It's a beautiful pearl of wisdom.  Here are 20 reasons why it's a bunch of horse shit and why it's nearly impossible.

1.  Your house is filled with guests.  Aunt Franny, Grandma, your coworkers, your husbands coworkers, your cousins, and anyone who has ever met you before.  There's something about a new baby that draws a crowd.  I love when the house is full, I just can't leave my husbands boss sitting in the living room while I snooze in the bedroom.

2.  Every piece of clothing you own is covered in some sort of bodily fluid and they need to be washed.

3.  You smell and you need a shower.

4.  You have other children who you are fairly certain will burn the house down if you close your eyes.

5.  Baby's bring a lot of paper work.  Insurance, family leave, doctors visits, and you need to get it done at some point.

6.  You really need to watch the Real Housewives of OC and find out how Slade got the money to pay for that Rolls Royce.

7.  The fruit loop you dropped under the couch two weeks ago is growing hair and you need to sweep it up.

8.  You are literally too exhausted to drag yourself to the bedroom.

9.  Candy Crush is calling your name

10.  You need to update facebook with one million pictures of your new arrival.

11.  You have to squeeze in one quick blog post before it gets trapped forever in your muddled, sleep deprived mommy mind.

12.  The bottles are overflowing the sink and you need to clean them before your eating machine wakes up.

13.  The baby grunts coming from the monitor are keeping you awake...what the hell are they doing in their sleep that they sound like oinking pigs?

14.  Your boobs are so full that if you don't pump out just a wee bit you're fairly certain that they will turn into sacs of rocks.

15.  Your teeth are more in need of a good brushing than anything else.

16.  You were going to take a nap, but then decided just to hold your little one and watch how peacefully they sleep.

17.  Every time you try to put your sleeping bundle down her eyes pop open like ping pong balls.

18.  You're a little bit scared that if you close your eyes that you might sleep for a few days straight.

19.  Sometimes you wake up from a nap and you're well rested, but other times you feel like you've gone through a time shift and you're not quite sure what decade you're in or what day it is.

20.  Your baby doesn't nap.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Second Time Around

Things have been so much easier this time around.  When Isabella was born I was all balled up about everything.  How to hold her, how to change a diaper, how to feed her, what to feed her.  I had my head up my ass half the time and I was beyond consumed with my own emotions and the transition from a twosome to a family of three.  I didn't enjoy much of Isabella's newborn time.  I'm sure if you scroll far enough back in this blog you won't have to search far to find posts of desperation and insecurity.

It was what it was.  I was young, inexperienced, and ill equiped emotionally to cope with the demands of new motherhood.  So I focused on the things that I could control.  I couldn't control the squalling infant, but I could keep my house spotless and fret over the laundry.  I could escape by having my mom babysit while I spent time with my friends.

This time things are different.  I'm much more relaxed.  I've completely abandoned my to-do list.  If the house is messy, so be it.  As long as it's not cluttered I can just chill.  I haven't cleaned anything except baby clothes in the past few weeks.  I'm not terrified of creating bad habits.  I know that I'm going to create bad habits and I also know that I can fix it later.  While I'll politely listen to advice that people give me, I know how to parent my child better than anyone else and I believe that now.

Things are much more lax around here.  Arya needs to get used to being toted around because her big sister has things that she needs to do and places she needs to get to.

I'm used to being tired.  I know what to expect from a newborn.  I also know that the newborn phase, while exhausting is just one very small piece of the puzzle.  It's over before you have a chance to blink, so instead of hating it and wishing it away, I'm trying my best to enjoy it because I know it's my last time around.  I'm trying to revel in the snuggles and the sweet smell and the soft skin and the tiny sighs. Time is fleeting and I know how fast it goes.  I know that 4 years ago Isabella was this small and now she's this walking, talking, sassy little kid who I can barely get to slow down long enough for a snuggle.

I can't wait to see how Arya's personality develops and see how her and her sister will interact.  But on the other side I want to just slow things down, to pause it because each day she grows a little bit older, a little bit bigger, a little bit closer to independence, and I'm not quite ready for that yet.

It's almost bizarre to see myself like this.  I was never "that mom" who cried as she packed away newborn clothes or who kept their baby sleeping in their bedroom for months. But now here I am, wishing that this baby phase would just stall out so I can remember all of it.  I've turned into quite the sap.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Getting to Know You

It's been a real kick getting to know little miss Arya Hope.  I know she's only just shy of 3 weeks old and we've barely caught a glimpse of her personality, but this is what I know about her so far.

1.  She's a real pip to try and get down for a nap.  She requires lots of walking and bouncing and shhhh'ing.  It can get a bit tedious, but luckily once she's asleep she's out for a few hours which makes the battle worth it.

2.  She doesn't like sleeping in her basinette, but she loves her rock and play sleeper.  I wish they had it when Isabella was an infant.

3.  She loves the boob and it can instantly soothe her no matter what.  She's nursing like a champ and has already gained almost a pound.

4.  She gives one good long 3 hour nap in the day time with a few other 1-2 hour naps.  At night she can go anywhere from 3-6 hours at a stretch before eating.  Sometimes she goes right back to sleep after eating and sometimes she thinks it's party rock central in my bedroom.

5.  The kid could be a super pooper.  I mean for real, she is just constantly pooping or sharting.

6.  She loves to be held.  She's coming around to the bouncy seat.  She's not too sure about the swing.  She can chill out in a carrier.

7.  She's a barracuda nurser.  That girl can tear me up.

8.  She makes the funniest little faces and I could just nom nom nom on her fat cheeks.

9.  She sleeps through anything.  We took her to Isabella's last day of school picnic and her dress rehearsal for her dance recital and she just slept through the entire th

10.  She's just the sweetest little thing.  From her dark brown mullet to her teeny tiny tush to her skinny little chicken legs.  I'm so in love with this tiny little girl, even when she's nap fighting me.