Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Baby Weight Update #1

Last week I wrote this post about getting my body back after baby.  And unfortunately I didn't do as great as I anticipated.  I started off the week with a bang, making sure to make healthy choices, but I quickly derailed as the week went on.  BBQ's, dinner at my parents, and sweets were all my downfall.  But not really, it was my lack of planning that really did me in.

I'm a planner.  If I make a plan I stick with it.  Before I got pregnant I was really great at making a weekly meal plan and sticking with it and making sure to track all of my calories and exercise and I was doing great.  I just need to get back into the swing of it.  I've been great about planning my dinners, but breakfast, lunch and snacks have been a little fly by the seat of your pants and I've been making quick choices instead of healthy choices.  Plus I've noticed that if I'm having a rough day, if Isabella is being especially demanding or if Arya is fighting a nap I'll "treat" myself with a piece of chocolate, but I'm not a dog and should not be rewarding myself with food for surviving the day.

I did manage to loose almost a pound this week, which is better than a gain.

So this week will be better, I'm tracking everyday and trying to make (and stick with) a plan.  


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