Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Baby Weight Update #2

Another week gone and I've managed to lose 0.7 lbs.  I ran into the same problem this week as I did last week, rewarding myself with food.  Isabella's birthday party was this Saturday (I'm working on that post) and I rewarded myself for having given birth 4 years ago with two delicious cupcakes.  But I did manage to get myself back on track.  Another issue I'm running into is that when I wake up to nurse Arya in the middle of the night, sometimes I get so ravenously hungry that I grab something quick to eat and it's usually a pop tart or some other highly processed food that is a ton of empty calories.  So I'm going to keep healthier protein bars on hand in case I need them.

This is the week I'm cleared for exercise, so I'm hoping that adding in a run or a swim a few times a week will help shed some of the pounds and I'll slowly add in weight training to help tone up the flab, especially around the middle.

Here's hoping for a bigger loss next week.


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