Thursday, June 27, 2013


I think as mothers we are constantly doubting ourselves, at least I know I am.  I'm sure it's partly because we are constantly inundated with information and advice, most of it conflicting that we're left in the lurch because no matter how we parent we are going against the advice of some "expert".

I doubt myself all the time.

I doubt myself with the new baby:  is she getting enough breast milk?  Is she eating too much?  Should I put her in her crib?  When should I stop swaddling her?  Am I starting bad habits?  Will she miss me when I go back to work?  Will she think I abandoned her?  Is that poop normal?

I doubt myself with Isabella:  Am I consistent enough?  Do I let her get away with too much?   Are her eating habits ok?  Does she watch too much TV?  Am I speaking kindly to her?  Am I parenting out of love or out of anger?  Does she feel loved?  Does she have too much in her schedule?

My friend Ariel at Dreams To Do, wrote this post on being Mom Enough and I think she has a great point...that if we love our kids we're already doing a great job.  I think that we are so overwhelmed with the super mommies on pinterest and blogs and facebook that we have to remember that we are comparing our behind the scenes to their highlight reel.

I'm sure that we are all messing our kids up a little bit, but at least they'll have somewhere to direct their anger when they're older right?


Angela said...

Great post. Modern day media is great but it leads to our unrealistic expectations of motherhood.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I think all good moms have these same thoughts. It is cause we care. Bad moms don't worry like that. And the super moms on Pinterest etc are so focused on that stuff.... Where are their kids :-)

Alvano Richie said...
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