Friday, June 21, 2013

Grumpy Baby

Oh, my Arya...dear, sweet, grumpy Arya.  This baby doesn't like anything.

Swings are lame.  Bouncy seats are lame.  Baths are lame.  Play mats are lame.  You know what's not lame?  Being held, boobs, the moby wrap.

Baths are no fun!

Isabella was a wretched newborn, but at least you got a chance to put her down every once in a while.  This one, not so much a fan.  I love holding her sweet little sleepy body, but sometimes I equally love putting her down and having use of both my arms.  So I can like, eat and shower and play with my biggest.  Also, she's a bit of a fuss budget.

But if it's one thing I know, they never stay in a phase forever.  Eventually they grow out of it or you train them out of it or whatever.  I thing that's why I don't get so super frustrated after I'm rocking her for the 3rd time because every time I put the kid down her eyes pop open like two ping pong balls.  I know that it's just temporary.  I know it gets better.  I know it gets easier and I know that once they stop doing one thing to piss you off they're on to the next pain in the ass thing, because, let's face awesome as kids are, they are kind of a pain in the ass!  That's why God makes babies so we don't eat them like insects do.


Angela said...

My second was so much more difficult than my first! In fact, I had a lot of guilt because I felt like I loved my first one more because my new second one was such an unhappy baby. I wrote about the struggles of getting through all that here at

Don't know if it'll be reassuring to you or not. Don't know if you're also dealing with the guilt of how to love and divide your time between two little girls like I did. But you're right. It does get better!

Peace in Pieces said...

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