Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bummer Summer

Everyone always says that the summer is a great time to have a baby.  Whelp I call bullshit on that one. It's really nice for me because I'm a teacher so I was able to parlay my maternity leave into summer vacation so by the time I go back to work Arya will be close to 4 months old.


It's friggen hot outside man.  Babies require a lot of protection from the heat.  You need to sunblock them, nurse more often, remember to keep yourself hydrated.  It's a lot of packing and lugging around bags and strollers and car seats.  Plus you don't want to go out when it's the hottest between like 12 noon and 3 pm.  Andplusalso, Isabella is not in school during summer meaning she gets to drive me bonkers all day every day.

We have a great big backyard with an awesome pool which has been a lifesaver, except that Arya only naps for about 45 minutes (witch!) so that's not a lot of time to take Isabella in.  Arya had been in the pool a bunch of times but she tops out at about 20 minutes.  I'm super lucky that Andy has a ton of time off and my mom comes over to help all the time, but she's getting older and she doesn't really play with Isabella a lot.  She never takes her outside.  My mom really just kind of likes to sit.  And I get it...she's older, she's raised her kids, but I won't tell you that it doesn't make me nervous that she's so sedentary.

When Isabella was born she was really take charge and made me feel at ease, despite never offering me help for what was clearly depression, she had a ton of energy.  Sine then she's battled, and beat, colon cancer, and also hit her 60th birthday.  You can see that she's older now.  She doesn't play.  She doesn't like to go in the pool or go outside.  She likes to sit in her chair, watch TV, and play candy crush.  Isabella is always asking her to play when I'm nursing the baby and my mom always says the same thing, "Oh right after this cup of tea".  She never offers to give the baby a bottle so I can play with her.  Not that I love to play, but I'll do it.  She never goes walking.  She doesn't eat healthy.  I'm watching her fade in front of me.  Also, you can't talk to her about it because she just kind of brushes it off and makes excuse after excuse.

Any way, that kind of turned into a vent about my mom instead of a rant about how you can't do much with a baby during a heat wave.

The challenge is keeping Isabella's needy, whiney little butt occupied while I'm nursing or rocking her sister to sleep for those super popular cat naps she's fond of taking.  I don't want her watching TV or playing on the phone all day.  I've been trying to take her out in the backyard a lot, out for frozen yogurt, I've had tons of play dates, and if my mom is up to watching Arya, we've taken her to the beach and to Sesame Place, but the summer isn't over yet and I'm running out of ideas!

What are your ideas/tips/tricks/advice for surviving summer with a pre-schooler and a newborn?  Help!


Heather said...

I have a three year old and a one year old and their favorite thing to do is to play on the slip in slide. My one year old still likes to love on and be held by mommy a lot of the time so I can do that in the shade while my three year old safely splashes around on the slip n slide. It is three person slide and works great as a splash pad! Oh, and we beat the heat by simply giving up and staying inside.

The Dose of Reality said...

UGH. I feel like the summer with small children is just endlessly exhausting!-Ashley

Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

Wow your mom sounds a lot like mine. Except mine doesn't play candy crush because she doesn't know how to work a phone or computer. Wish I had tips for some summer fun for you, but I've never had to fill a summer with kids without working yet. I can only imagine the pain.

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