Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I hate swaddling.  Hate it.  I know it's supposed to help babies sleep and it does.  It really helped Isabella and it's really helping Arya.  But I hate it.

Arya won't sleep more than 30 minutes or so unswaddled because of that damn Moro reflex that causes her arms to jerk and she slaps herself in the face.  Not cool.

It became such a sleep crutch for Isabella that it took two nights of her up quite often to break her of it.  I was hoping to avoid that this go round but Arya's having none of it.

But I feel bad because the poor girl fights her swaddle at first.  Then she'll settle.  And it's working.  She'll mostly sleep through the night or wake up once around 4 to eat and then go back down.  Naps are another story.

I get agita thinking about when we have to break her of it, because eventually we will have to break her of it. We use the Swaddle Me blankets and I know we probably have about another month or so before we tackle the weaning process of the swaddle.  We're going to the shore next month so I'm thinking that once we get back we'll start getting rid of it.  I'll be happy knowing I never have to swaddle another baby again because I have an illogical hatred for it.

How long did you swaddle for?  How did you wean?  Cold turkey or one arm out?


The Dose of Reality said...

We swaddled for a good 4 months, I think. Definitely probably longer than necessary, but both of mine slept better that way. And then we totally used sleep sacks FOREVER.-Ashley

The girls said...

We swaddled for seven months. She just was NOT having any of that unswaddled awesomeness. Then she flipped herself over in it one night, and that was it. Cold turkey. I don't remember if it was hard because I was so panicked at her choice to sleep face down with her nose in the bed.

Crystal Ponti said...

I swaddled each of my children for just a couple of months. By that time, they were starting to become more active and seemed less interested in being bundled. :)

Madonna said...

Both kids fought the swaddle so we were done after the first week of doing it but one of the other blogs that I follow weaned her son by starting with an arm out. Good luck!

Stephanie said...

We swaddled (in the sleep sack thing aka baby straight jacket) as long as our little girl would allow us. She eventually started breaking out of the swaddle. Good luck!

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