Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why Sex and the City Ruined Your Life

If you're anything like me you loved watching Carrie Bradshaw and her ladies flit around Manhattan in their designer duds and $500 shoes.  I watched religiously every week pining over the glittering and glamorous life that they had while I shuffled through the same town in a knockoff Gucci purse and slightly faded yoga pants.

Le sigh.

Here is why Sex and The City probably ruined your life.

1.  It made you think that super fun things were happening all the time.  Seriously, those gals were out at five star restaurants on a Tuesday night and at an art gallery opening on Wednesday, they'd go out to lunch on a Thursday and the weekends were just packed with shopping, eating, and drinking.  Did these ladies ever just sit around and watch television?  or play on their smart phone?  or pummice their calluses?  It made me crave excitement.

2.  It made you hate your clothes.  Oh man I would watch that show and drool over the outfits.  Then I would look in my closet and promptly vomit over the Forever 21 shirts that hung there.  Then I would look at their red bottoms and Manolos and I'd dry heave over my $1 Old Nave flip flops.  Some people, like my sister, can put together fabulous outfits out of cheap stuff.  I'm not one of those people.  I was meant to be rich so that I could have a stylist and a shopper completely outfit me from head to know like Kim Kardashian.

3.  It made you feel like a pauper.  Summering in the Hamptons, going to the most posh clubs, spending a week in Dubai.  Oh the good life.  Sometimes I go to Atlantic City.  Sometimes.

4.  It made you hate your friends.  I love my friends, but we don't spend nearly as much time together as Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte.  They do lunch.  They go shopping.  They have brunch together every week.  They talk on the phone.  They coax and cajole each other through major life hurdles and minor stresses.  The spend nearly every waking moment in close contact with each other.  If I see my girls twice between Memorial Day and Labor Day I'm super stoked.  If I can shoot out an "I Miss You" text during a 3 am nursing session I feel like the best friend a girl could ever have.

5.  It made you hate your husband/boyfriend/lesbian life partner.  Because who could compete with Big?  Who?

So even all these years later.  Sex and the City is still ruining my life.


Tamara Camera said...

Speaking of Dubai, there's that scene in the sequel movie in which Miranda and Charlotte(?) are drinking and discussing how hard parenting is. And then they say, "And some people do it without nannies!" Or something like that. It was a bit obnoxious. I do get that parenting is hard universally - the aching love, the letting go - and whether you have a nanny or not, that's true for all. I still wanted to hit her a little, though.

Krystina Marie said...

Ughh I could not agree more... There's a few shows that really highlight the humdrum-ness of my own existence... *Sigh* My days will never be filled w/ blowing $1000s on designer shoes and bags and eating at 5 star restaurants on a Tuesday. Im suddenly so depressed. And wondering how I can make my Orlando, Fl suburb life a little more glamorous... lol

Danielle said...

:::nods in agreement::: and how we torture ourselves by continuing to watch religiously...oh the pain. Funny, when I was packing my hospital bag to deliver my daughter I packed both movies and watched them during our first days together, first mother/daughter bonding sessions ;)

Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

Ha ha! Love this! So true. I still love the show and have probably seen every episode twice. :)

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

This is great! I definitely know how they had all that time for their friends and an endless supply of money. Crazy!

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