Friday, August 16, 2013

3 Months

Can you just nom on those fat cheeks?

Weight: 13 lbs

Height: 23 inches

Sleeping Habits: I say bleh to sleeping.  She's still a craptastic napper.  30-45 minutes at a clip and that's it, therefore she is taking about 4-5 naps a day.  She naps swaddled, with one arm out in her rock and play sleeper.  She is either rocked or nursed to sleep.  At night she goes to sleep between 7 and 8 pm and she wakes up, usually once, although now that we're in the growth spurt she's been getting up twice.  She wakes up in the morning around 6:30, but if I nurse her in bed sometimes she'll go back to sleep for another hour.  It's heavenly.  

Eating Habits: We are still exclusively breast feeding.  The cluster feeds in the evening have diminished quite a bit.  I feed on demand, but there's still no real schedule emerging.  Sometimes she can go 3 hours and sometimes only an hour between feeds.  If she takes a bottle of pumped milk it's usually 3-4 ounces.  

Milestones: Rolled over from belly to back on August 10, just a few days before she turned 3 months.  

Best Thing This Month: She's starting to play with toys and grab at things.  It's so cute to watch her bat and grab and play.  

Challenges This Month: The car seat.  Home girl hates it.  She screams bloody murder at the top of her friggen lungs unless I'm back there letting her suck on my inverted pinky since she doesn't take a paci.  I'm hoping that she's gonna grow out of this soon because I feel like a prisoner.  

Looking Forward To: Next week we're going on vacation with my parents and the kids and I can not wait.  I'm not expecting it to be a relaxing beach vacation, but I could do with a change of scenery!


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