Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Getting Easier

Things seem like they are leveling off a bit around here. While Arya is not so much following a schedule, she's definitely fallen into a loosely predictable routine.  She wakes up for the day around 6:30 (give or take a half an hour), eats and we play (or she plays in her swing/gym while I prop my eyes open with toothpicks and drink coffee) then she's down for her first nap around 8:15.

She still only sleeps for about 45 minutes (grrrrrrr) but there's not much I can do about that unfortunately but she won't go back down at all.  She follows that routine for the most of the day and we try and get outside for a walk or in the pool or out for ice cream or whatever at least once a day if not more.  Since the naps are so short she'll take around 4 of them.

So I'm just kind of rolling with her routine and not being a slave to the schedule like I was with Isabella.  If she naps in the stroller, so be it.  If she goes to bed one night at 7pm and the next night at 8 pm, I'm fine with it.  We go out to dinner without obsessively watching the clock.  If she fusses I don't get worked up into a tizzy like I did the first go around.

I won't say that I never get frustrated because I hit my limit at least once a day, but she's starting to space out her nursing sessions and she's becoming a more efficient nurser so I don't feel tethered to her all day long.  I'm also not being such a super freak about her taking a bottle here and there.  We had a house full of people this weekend for an epic playdate and I just didn't feel like nursing so Andy gave her a bottle of expressed breastmilk and the world didn't fall off it's axis.

Everyday gets a little bit easier and I find myself a little less tense.


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