Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Buffer

I'm in "mom mode" pretty much all day long.  From the second my bleary eyes open at "way-too-early"  o'clock until they slam shut at "I-should-have-been-in-bed-hours-ago" p.m there's always a butt to wipe, a nose to blow, a belly to fill, a baby to nap, and a game to play.

It's equal parts awesome and exhausting.  I love having this time off with my girls.  I love being able to hang out with Isabella and get to know Arya's budding personality, but dudes it's so draining.  Full time  stay at home mom's are society's unsung heroes for real.

And that's just when they're awake.  There are dishes to wash, laundry to fold, and spills to clean up because for the life of me I cannot manage to finish one task when the girls are awake.  It took me 3 hours (spread out) to dust the furniture yesterday.  We nixed the housekeeper for the summer because I'm off, but once September rolls around I'll have a bit of help in that area.

I need a buffer of time between mom mode and wife mode at night.

When both girls are fresh in bed and I'm still all balled up from putting Arya to sleep, because it takes about an hour and multiple pick up, put down attempts and I'm doing the dishes and Andy comes up to hug me from behind I near want to scream at the fact that there's another person touching me.  After nursing all day, baby wearing, bathing and tending to young children I'm all touched out.

I need about 30 minutes to just get my shit together, to tidy up (I cannot relax in clutter).  I need that buffer where I can read my favorite blogs, play candy crush, zone out on an episode of Orange is the New Black or just sit for a moment and thank the heavens that I survived another day.

It takes that time for me to get out of the mom zone and into the love zone.


The Dose of Reality said...

I don't even have babies anymore, and I totally know exactly what you mean!!-Ashley

Angela said...

You totally said how I feel!

Madonna said...

Yes! I just wish my husband could see my point...

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