Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I've been a bit absent from my e-life lately and I wish I could say it was because I was a prisoner of summer...sitting poolside with an ice cold beer and music playing in the background, but I'm not.  I'm right now in a world of transitions.

We're transitioning Arya from sleeping swaddled in her rock and play in our room to sleeping unswaddled in her crib and things are getting a bit hairy.  Tonight is the third night and things are finally getting a bit easier, although I don't know what the night will bring.  Yesterday it took me 2 hours to get her to go to sleep and she woke up 3 times in the night.  Not fun at all.  But she was waking up 2-3 times anyway breaking out of her swaddle, not a fun transition especially since we were used to her sleeping 7-9 hours straight and then going down for another 2-3 hour stretch.  Guess we just got spoiled.

We're getting ready to transition Isabella from long lazy days at home into going to pre-school 5 full days.  I'll admit I'm slightly in a panic about that one.  I always worry about her when she's not with me, but I know she'll do great.

I'm getting ready to transition to going back to work after a nearly 4 month maternity leave.  I'm both really excited to get back into my routine and get back to work and get a break from my girls who drive me batty, but also really anxious about being away from the little one.

I'm feeling stretched very thin these days between feeling like Arya takes up every blessed moment of my day because now apparently she needs to be held all. the time (thank God for the Ergo), feeling like a crap mom to Isabella and missing the hell out of her, this blog which is languishing (I've been meaning to write about our shore vacation and just cannot find the time to get the damned photos up), the house which is nearly always a wreck and I feel like all I do is clean up after Andy and Isabella, and trying to find time to just unwind at the end of the day.  I'm frazzled and frayed.  I need a personal assistant, a maid, and a nanny.

So that's what we're up to.  Hoping you're hanging onto your last moments of summer.


Allie Burdick said...

This too shall pass! That is a mantra that helped me though newborn twins and I hope it will help you now. It sounds like your a great mom and are doing the best you can with the hardest job on the planet! Head up! You can do this...and who cares if you can't get to the pictures? All in good time.

Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

I'm having a rather frazzled week myself. I hate when I feel like I'm falling behind in life. I seriously cannot for the life of me keep up with the laundry! And I've neglected my poor little blog a lot lately. At least as far as I can tell my family is happy! And that really is all that matters. Oh and you totally need to splurge on a house cleaner! Worth every single penny.

Crystal Ponti said...

Feeling very much the same way. Just run ragged these days. And so sleep deprived, I could literally crawl into a ball somewhere and sleep for days. Hang in there. There are brighter days ahead. I've seen them. :)

Estes Family Blog said...

I remember those days so well! You will get thru it. It's tough now, but you'll look back and realize how amazingly graceful you did it. Even if it doesn't seem so right now, one day you will!

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