Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ways to Know You're In Your 30's

1.  It takes less time to recover from minor surgery than it does to recover from a night out of drinking.

2.  Sleeping until 9 am means "sleeping in"

3.  When you were in elementary school you had to use the Encyclopedia Britannica

4.  Growing up you couldn't use the phone and the Internet at the same time

5.  Your IG and FB are full of pictures of your kids

6.  You think nothing of writing a facebook status on your kids potty training habits.

7.  When someone says "popples" you totally know what they mean

8.  When you wear high heels your knees hurt for three days

9.  You prefer a good Cabernet to a shot of tequila

10.  You went to see Jurassic Park in the movie theatre at least 3 times

11.  A night out now requires a pair of Spanx, a babysitter, and a 10 pm curfew.

12.  Your closet has a lot less spandex than it used to

13.  Your nights end at 11pm instead of start

14.  You'd prefer to buy a new lamp for your house than a new dress

15.  You watch a lot more HGTV and a lot less MTV

16.  When you browse through current magazines you have no idea who half the celebrities are, but you know the entire cast of "Austin and Alley"

17.  Your Spring Break song is now considered an "oldie"

18.  When you're up at 3 am it's with a crying baby instead of a hangover

19.  Your friends don't think it's weird at all to compare labor and delivery stories over lunch

20.  You consider a day successful if everyone has been fed and avoided a trip to the ER

21.  In your medicine cabinet you can find firming cream, wrinkle  reducer, and eye cream.

22.  You open your mouth and your mothers voice comes out

23.  You need to pop an Advil before you go out dancing

24.  You can find enough Cheerio's in the back seat of your car to feed a family of four.

25.  You finally learned how to dress for your body


Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

Hahahhahaha! You are GOOD! And I totally still have a popple. :)

Allie Burdick said...

Oh so many of these are just so true - the ugly truth! I can so relate to sleeping in until 9, cabernet over tequila and high heels KILL me! Thanks for the laugh:-)

Tamara Camera said...

Absolutely! Although spanx were a disaster for me, which seems totally unfair.

Leslie said...

Ha! Definitely true…all of it. I still remember being SO disappointed at Christmas when Popples were so popular. My parents couldn’t find one at all and that was my number one item. Ah, the days before the internet…when children had to learn to deal with disappointment!

Bev Feldman said...

DEFINITELY can relate to a bunch of these, and that is pre-kids! Give me a few months, and I'll be adding a few more of these to my list.

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