Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Military Moving

So apparently, my ranting and raving about up and moving may seem to pale in comparison to the fact that military families have it way worse when it comes to moving.  The average military family will move every 1-3 years.  I couldn't even imagine having to pack up my life so often, especially since I'm on the high end of the lazy scale.

I think a lot about military "brats" and what it must be like for them to move so often.  On one hand it has to be tough to move around so schools, new friends, feeling unsettled, but on the other hand what an amazing adventure.  It gives them a chance to become adaptable, to make lasting friendships around the world, and to see and live in so many wonderful places surrounded by other military families who just "get it".  They must grow accustomed to such a wanderlust and an amazing opportunity to fulfill it.  I know my girl Sally from Exploits of a Military Mama has a few moves under her belt.

What I didn't know was that there was such a long waiting list for housing and that often times military families had to look into off base housing.  Military Town Advisor can help aid military families.

We have to be grateful for the sacrifices of our service men and their families who allow them to serve so bravely and hold up the home front...wherever that home front might be.


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