Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nursing In Public

Every so often there seems to be a frenzy of public information, news stories, blog posts, etc all about nursing in public.  People get outraged and defensive and all hell breaks loose on facebook.

I have a four month old who I currently nurse.  I have nursed in public many, many times.  Usually under a cover, for my own comfort not for anyone else's, but if it was too hot, I had no problem taking the cover off.

I've heard a lot of stupid arguments about nursing in public and I would now like to debunk them all.

It's Too Sexy

If you find the act of a mother feeding her child sexual get yourself some help.  Quickly.  Maybe find some registry that you can sign up for.  The tiniest patch of exposed flesh that you see when a baby is nursing is far less than you would see in any magazine, beach, or TV show.  Breasts become sexualized in the media, but their purpose is to feed children.  Bottom line.

It's Gross

I can't tell you how many times I've heard the argument that breastfeeding is a bodily function, like pooping, and it should be done behind closed doors.  Breastfeeding is eating.  Do you confine yourself to only eat where no one can see you?  Do you eat your lunch alone in the broom closet?  Do you never visit restaurants?  Do you put a blanket over your head when you eat?

It Offends Me

Here is a very easy solution to that one.  Turn your head.  Boom!  No more offensive babies, or boobies, in sight.

What If My Child Sees?

Then you have a 30 second conversation with your stinking kid.  You can use this:

Kid:  Mom, what is that lady doing?
You:  Feeding her baby
Kid:  Where's the bottle?
You:  Some mommy's feed their baby from a bottle and others feed them with milk from their body

See talking to your kid isn't so bad after all right?

I Don't Like It

I don't like a lot of things.  Like gas prices and the fact that chocolate isn't a health food.  Tough noogies.

Did I miss anything?


Jackie said...

Amen! I agree with all of that. I nursed my first in public with a cover. I never used a cover with my second. It seems so much more obvious with a cover to me.

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