Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ocean City 2013

Finally I have time to sit and write about my sweet little vacation down the shore.  If you're a regular reader with a phenomenal memory, you know that every year we spend a week in August down the shore in Ocean City NJ.  If you're not a regular reader, every year we spend a week in August down the shore in Ocean City NJ.

Even though it's in my own state it's probably my favorite vacation of the year.  There's something so relaxing about being down there.  Every morning we have long, leisurely cups of coffee out on the front porch.  We spend a few hours at the beach.  Come home and shower and then spend some time on the boardwalk on the rides, playing mini-golf, looking at the shops.  Then we have dinner either at the rental house or at a restaurant and then we spend the night playing games and drinking copious amounts of wine.  This year I had to be a bit of a teetotaler, but two nights my mom took the baby so I could get a little bit tipsy and not have to worry about nursing (or waking up).

It's glorious.

The first year we went Isabella was 14 months.  It was fun, but she still needed to be really watched, but at least she was sleeping through the night.  The next two years were easy as cake.  She would play with her cousins while I read books on the sand.

This year with Arya being only 3 months at the time it was a little bit more challenging, but my parents are there and so is my sister, so there are a lot of hands to help and everyone helped a lot.  She was great.  She got a bit spoiled sleeping in people's arms or in the carrier at the beach or in the stroller on the boardwalk, but if there's one thing I know as a mother it's that you can fix any bad habit you make.

There was only one night she was a super huge pain in the ass and that was the night that we were going out to dinner.  Every year we go to one really nice restaurant called Obediah's.  I always get lobster and I always look forward to it.  But that's the night that the little witch decided she only wanted to cry.  She owes me a lobster dinner.  No joke it's coming out of her college fund, if we ever make her a college fund.

It wasn't without it's challenges, but it was a great vacation filled with a lot of fun and terrible boardwalk food (fried oreos anyone?  Chocolate covered bacon? No? ok)

I cannot wait until next year!

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