Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer Revisited

Now that Fall is upon us, I can almost smell the flavors of pumpkins and apples and see the leaves start to change.  Almost, because it's still about 90 degrees around here, but I wanted to revisit my summer bucket list that I wrote at the start of the summer.  I am notoriously famous for flaking on my lists, so let's see how this summer fared.

  • Build a sand castle at the beach
Yup!  We spent a whole week at the beach and built lots of sand castles

  • Go night swimming
No and I have to say I'm really upset we never did this.  August wasn't hot enough, but July certainly was
  • Sesame Place parade
Another fail.  We went to Sesame Place a bunch of times, but never stayed for the parade.  Maybe when we go for the Spooktacular
  • Craft/Experiment/Bake once a week (this might be tough, but I'm gonna try)
We didn't do it every week, but we managed to squeeze in a few crafts and stuff.  There were a few days when I just set up a potions lab in the back porch and just let her have at it.  

  • Eat S'mores in the backyard while looking up at the stars
No, the nights were mostly spent either trying to get the baby to sleep or in a stupor from trying to get the baby to sleep
  • Have a picnic
Nope, we failed again
  • Family game night
Yeah we've had a bunch of these.  Isabella kicks ass in Candy Land
  • Family movie night
Again, this was fairly easy to pull off and we had quite a few with popcorn
  • Puddle jumping in the rain
We did this.  Isabella loved it, but I thought it was gross especially since I had to participate in it.
  • Trip to the zoo
We made it to the Turtle Back Zoo and my sister took Isabella to the Bronx Zoo

  • Trip to the aquarium 
We made our annual trip down to Adventure Aquarium

  • Children's museum
No, but we'll get there in the Fall and Winter for sure
  • Park 
A ton of times.  Isabella is really into the monkey bars
  • See a baseball game
No, not this year
  • Have ice cream for dinner
Yes!  And milkshakes.  Yum

So this summer wasn't all that I had wanted it to be, but it was a summer of huge transitions and I'm ok with how it turned out.  There was more TV time and staying inside than I would have liked, but it's tough with a new little around.  The good thing about summer is that it'll come around again.  


misssrobin said...

Sounds like you had a great summer and did tons of fun things. I'd say, time well spent. Plus, now you have a built in list to work from next year. Well done.

I hope all is going wonderfully with the new little one. That adjustment can be tricky.

Louise@FitRadiance said...

I love the idea of having a summer bucket list! Looks like you had plenty fun with the ones you did manage, well done :D

Kate Hall said...

It sounds like you did some great things this summer and as for the night swimming - it's so awesome and there is always next year!

Kate - diariesofanessexgirl.com

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