Monday, September 30, 2013

The Reason I'm Fat

Is because I can't stop nom nom noming on these fat cheeks!  I mean for real have you ever seen such a cute little baby?

Even in a grainy, unedited, unfiltered cell phone picture that baby is pure joy.  She loves to be snuggled, kissed, her play gym.  She hates dirty diapers, an empty belly, putting on pajamas, and the car seat and that's pretty much it.  She's such a good girl and I am really enjoying her so much. 

Granted I could do with a little more sleep and a little less sag around the middle, but she is just such a fun little baby who is quick to laugh at pretty much anything you say.  

I want to remember the way she snuggles in under my neck when she's tired or how smooth her cheek feels when I put it to my face.  I want to remember how sweet she smells after a bath and how she turns her head to find me when she hears my voice.  I want to remember how serious she stares at people with her grumpy old man face, but the second she smiles her whole face explodes into happiness.  I want to remember how she's so mesmerized by her toes.  

But we all forget don't we?  That's just the nature of things.  We hold on to what we can for as long as we can until it slips away.  If we're lucky we can hold onto the small things that photographs can't capture.  The smells and tactile feels of babyhood.  

I put her down on her back the other day and she rolled over to her tummy.  The first step in mobility.  I know crawling and walking are a long way off, but any mother can tell you that you blink and they're moving, blink again and their curious toddlers, blink yet again and they're sassy, independent preschoolers and I'm too afraid to blink again to see what comes after that.  The first minute step towards her independence from her mommy.  I'd just like her to stay little for a little while longer, so I'm not blinking.  


Jo said...

She is so cute, enjoy every moment!

Amaryllis said...

You put tears in my eyes. Enjoy every minute with your little beauty! <3

Michelle Nahom said...

She is adorable!! Enjoy all these little moments...they go by way too fast!

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