Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Note On Depression

After writing my post called All My Flaws there were a few readers who expressed concern that I might be suffering from ppd.  How amazing is it that people who are virtual strangers to me, people who don't know me at all were kind enough to reach out?  Sometimes the internet is a dark and scary place, but sometimes people are just good, deep in their bones good that they cared enough to broach a sensitive topic with me.

I just wanted to shed some light and let everyone know that I'm fine.  I can definitely say that I'm not suffering from post-partum depression.  I'm not even depressed, just really stressed out.  I think every single teacher in my school feels the same way.  We're all burnt out, not only from the transition from being off all summer to full time work, but to all of the new city and state wide changes to the educational system.  I won't bore you with the details, but it involves a lot of paperwork.

I'm just having a hard time keeping up.  I'm working on lowering my standards in regards to housework and even parenthood.  Pinterest will have to wait for while as we enter into survival mode.  I would also really appreciate a solid night sleep from someone who I shall not name ::cough:: Arya:: cough.  Is it possible to get a kid to sleep through the night without sleep training?  I'm just so blah when it comes to sleep training.

Anyway, I'm digressing.  I think that the next few months are going to be hectic and chaotic and while I will admit to being stressed and overwhelmed, I'm not depressed.  Maybe I just use my blog more as an outlet to vent and I don't really write about times when I'm happy.  Maybe that's something that I can work on.

So a very big thanks to those who were thinking of me.  If you could send me some positive vibes, a maid, and a lifetime supply of coffee and wine that would be fab!


Angela said...

I'm in education too and the new common core has created so much more paperwork. I'm getting frustrated and overwhelmed with the extra workload that s expected to take place after the normal workday . It s cutting into my work/family balance.
Angela @ Time with A & N

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