Monday, October 28, 2013

Flashlight Friend

Isabella is scared of the dark and has an insane love for all things stuffed, so Flashlight Friends are an awesome way to combat her fear while also playing into her need for something soft to snuggle with.

Flashlight Friends are plush, soft stuffed animals with an LED flashlight built into their stomach.  Tap the flashlight circle twice and the light will come on.  The light is soft and not overwhelming, but provides enough light to keep fears of the dark away.

 The best part is, is that it shuts off automatically after 10 minutes so it won't keep little ones awake after they've drifted off to sleep.  The light never gets hot and isn't bright enough to hurt sensitive little eyes.  It has an easy to hold handle on the back for small hands to grab.

It's perfect to help ease fear of the dark, for reading at night, and Isabella even uses hers in imaginative play, it usually involves the princess and her pet unicorn being captured by an evil queen (me) and she has to find her way out of the dungeon (darkened basement).

Flashlight Friends come in  pink unicorn (that's the one we have), black penguin, green turtle, green dragon, blue puppy, and purple panda.

Flashlight Friends are a product of Idea Village and are available for purchase for $19.99.  I think they'd make a wonderful gift during the upcoming holiday season.

I received a free Flashlight Friend so that I might provide an honest review. 


Jo said...

These are so cute, can totally see why she loves it.

2justByou said...

My daughter would LOVE one of these! So cute. =0)
I remember the Glo Worm when I was small.

sokalsondha sondha said...

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