Monday, October 21, 2013

Flipeez Review

Isabella loves all things cute and furry and fuzzy.  She's also quite the fashionista and enjoys every opportunity to accessorize.  Flipeez fulfills all of those needs.

Flipeez are soft, warm and fleecy to keep little heads warm when the weather starts to turn cold.  They are also in the shape of adorable animals like the Huggy Monkey, Twitchy Kitty, Curious Owl, Peek-a-Boo Monster, Rascally Rabbit, Playful Puppy, or the Ranger Raccoon.  But their cuddly cuteness is not their only charming feature...

When you squeeze the ball at the end of the tassle, you get a little action.

Isabella has the Twitchy Kitty and when she squeezes the little ball at the end of the tassle the tail in the back flips up and down.  She just about exploded when she saw that tail move.  She wore it around the house for the better part of a weekend and she can't wait for it to be cold enough out for her to wear it to school.  I can't wait either...for her to wear the hat, not for the cold...mama likes the sunshine.

But inevitably winter comes around every year and it's so thick and warm that I know I won't have to fight with her to bundle up to go out in the cold.  It would make a great gift for my little nieces as well, although I'm sure that I'd have to get three Twitchy Kitty's so there's no fighting involved over who has the cutest hat.

The hats are made as one size fits all and it fits Isabella really nicely with some stretch to cover all that mop of hair that she has.

I'd have to say that I'm really pleased with the feel of this hat, how cute it looks and how well it fits!  Flipeez are adorable!


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