Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween Props & Decorations Review

I love Halloween.  It's my favorite holiday.  I love all things spooky and scary and covered in chocolate.  Every year Andy and I throw a big Halloween party with all of our friends.  We decorate the house with as many Halloween knick knacks and pictures as we can find.  This is our first year in our new house and I want to do it up big and nothing screams Halloween like a Full Size Prop.  Enter this guy.

That's my creepy corpse light up reaper. He measures 56 inches long, is clothed in decomposing rags that sway eerily when he moves, long bony fingers peek out behind his gauzy attire, and his face is a putrid green.  Also, his eyes glow a bright red (batteries are included) which is really freaky.  You can hang him from a tree and really creep out your neighbors or from a hook inside.  

When I opened the box, I immediately dropped the corpse on the floor and kicked him under the table because his face is so creepy that it totally freaked my out.  I waited until Andy came home from work so he could hang in on a hook on our back porch.  That's where we'll set up the Halloween beer pong station and I'm really looking forward to every one getting the heebie jeebies.  

I was worried that Isabella would be scared of him, but she's just as into Halloween as I am.  

I'm really loving this new addition to our Halloween decor.  I love that the reaper is full sized and is such high quality.  He's durable enough that he'll be freaking out my friends for years to come.

***I received the reaper free of charge so that I might provide an honest review.  All opinions are my own


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