Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Home Repairs
I feel like I could live my life at Home Depot or Lowes, mainly because we bought an older home in the nicest neighborhood we could afford.  We knew going in, that in exchange for a great neighborhood and awesome schools, that we'd have to buy a home that needed a little TLC.  Unfortunately we didn't have the money after pricey closing costs to completely gut the house, so we've been doing one project at a time.

The first big project we did was to gut the kitchen.  The original kitchen was something out of a 1970's nightmare, with a glorified ironing board sticking out of the wall that was listed as an "eat in kitchen".  But guys, kitchen renovations are expensive.  It cost a pretty penny to replace the cabinets, counter tops, appliances, and the floors.

We also pretty much painted every room in the house, because that's a fairly inexpensive way to spruce up the house.

We'd still like to:

  • Rip up the hideous tile floors in the family room 
  • Redo the fire place
  • Replace the vanity in the main bathroom
  • Paint the main bathroom
  • Replace the sink/shower fixtures in the master bathroom
And a whole slew of home decor I'd like to work on. 

Like most Americans, the main reason holding me back from making all of those fabulous home repairs is money.  You don't want to skimp on repairs and updates because you want them done right so they last for a long time, but that can get costly.  You can always find tutorials and videos on You Tube to help save yourself a ton of money on labor.  

Here are some tips for helping you along with those home repairs
  1. Do your research.  Research contractors, parts, supplies, and read reviews.  This is your house, you need to do your homework.  
  2. Find your inspiration.  Browse Pinterest or Young House Love to find something that really calls to you.
  3. Prioritize.  What's the most important to you?  Where do you spend the most time?  What currently gets into your skin the most?  
Happy House Loving!


Michelle Nahom said...

We have so many projects to get done too and a lot of them are actually things that need to be fixed. Money is always an issue! When we do undertake a project, we do a lot of it ourselves, but we have a habit of not finishing something all the way as well.

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