Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's Not Fair

When I was a little girl and I'd piss and moan to my mom about how unfair whatever stupid rule she was trying to enforce was, like going to bed or doing my homework, she'd simply say "life isn't fair."  Ain't that the truth?! Bad things happen to good people.  Bad guys get away with things that they shouldn't.  The people who run the country are corrupt and good, honest, hardworking people are lost in the shuffle.

Scaling back to my own personal world, there are a ton of things that aren't fair.

1.  It's not fair that men do not have boobs.  It's really not fair that I'm solely responsible for providing Arya's food.  It would be nice to hunker down with a bottle of wine and The Walking Dead and not have to worry about pumping and dumping or having to listen to her scream while Andy heats up a bottle.  It would be nice to trade off every so often so I could get some solid sleep.  I feel like my life revolves around my boobs.

2.  It's not fair that broccoli is good for you and chocolate is bad for you.  I don't mean that 95% dark chocolate cocao crap that is full of antioxidants, I mean the good stuff.  You know, the chocolate that's all mixed up with caramel and peanut butter and nougaty goodness.

3.  It's not fair that there is always traffic.  Staten Island is by far the worst borough and I feel like I spend more time on Staten Island than I do with my children.

4.  It's not fair that Isabella is so independent.  I mean wasn't she just born like last week?  Can she slow it down a bit.

5.  It's not fair that my pedicure always smudges 30 seconds after I get in my car.  Every. Single. Time. I'm lucky it's closed toe shoe season and I can pretend that I'm "letting my nails breath" which is code for, "ain't no one gonna see these toes so I'll get them painted in May".

6.  It's not fair that when Andy gives Arya a bottle and does her bedtime she's lights out, but when I do her bedtime I have to go in like three times to get her to stay asleep.


Jo said...

Sucks doesn't it!

VITA Train for Life said...

SO true. All of it. My mom used to say the same thing to me and I didn't know the half of it until I had kids. Just know it sucks and is unfair for all of us!!:-)

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