Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Boobs

What used to be my free drink getters now completely dominated my world.  At first I would obsess over my boobs and their magic milk making abilities.  Was she getting enough?  Was she getting too much?  Will this ever stop hurting?  Why is the breast milk bloody?  Is this poop normal?

Luckily we're past all that.  The first 6 weeks were rough stuff, but after that things got easier and right around 3 months we hit our stride and breast feeding has been easy peazy since.

But I would like to go a full day without worrying about the state of my boobs.

I feel like I spend about 30 minutes a day just wrestling with my pump and it's parts.  The room I pump in at work needs two extension cords to reach the outlet.  That means every day I have to unwind extension cords that apparently have some sort of extension cord orgy in my Pump In Style backpack which requires multiple attempts at me untangling them.  Then I also pump in the car to and from work which requires some serious skills.  Shrouded in my cover I have to tussle with a seatbelt, pumping wires, car adaptors, and leaking flanges.

I'm also always concerned when I'm away from her about how long I can go without pumping.  About how full my boobs can get before those pesky ducts get clogged.  On the rare night she sleeps at my moms, I have to wake up early to pump.

And did you know that now all of my bras have trap doors?  Isn't that cool?

My boobs are taking over!


Jo said...

O shame!

Tara Lotufo said...

In my pumping days, I would sit with the nipple-less bra with the double pump...milking myself away on the computer. Where was Pinterest when I needed it most?

Funny thing is, I MISS nursing : (

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