Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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I've been a tad slow with my Parent Society writing.  It probably has something to do with a full time job, two needy kids who need to eat dinner every. single. night (the nerve), a Halloween party to plan, and a Christening to get in order. But I haven't been completely silent, so come and check me out and
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Questions to Ask During Parent Teacher Conferences-  Now that the hubub of the start of the school year is winding down, you know those conferences are coming right up.  Here are a few guiding questions to get the most out of your time slot.

Tips for the Frazzled Mom-  I'm one frazzled mama, but I've managed to scrounge up a few tips to help things go smoothly.

You Hate Your Child's Teacher...Now What? - It's not easy when you don't like your kid's teacher, but the year doesn't have to be a total wash.


Tara Lotufo said...

Chloe is in first grade this year and is coming home with between 5- 8 homework's every night!! Any suggestions as to what I can do?

She is having crazy meltdowns and is just done after school. She's good until about the 3rd assignment. After that- she's slumping in her chair, crying- basically shutting down. To me, this is not helping her.

Melissa G. said...

That is so sad. It actually made me send home a homework survey to the parents to see how the kids were handling their homework. I would schedule a meeting to talk about it. She might not realize its that much. I try not to send home more than 3 assignments per night. Poor bug.

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