Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Girl

My cousin Christina just found out that she's having a baby girl and I'm so excited.  She's a close friend of mine, besides being family and I think it's so awesome that her and Arya will not even be a year apart.  My cousins and I all grew up so close together and I think it's wonderful that all of our kids are close in age so they can recreate our childhood experiences, without all the bad 80's hair of course.

And I might just be biased because I was never able to shop for a boy, but shopping for little girls is just so much fun!  I love Miss Grant dresses from Strawberry Children and adorable little diaper covers and headbands with obnoxiously sized flowers on it.  I know that she'll wind up with a ton of stuff because we have the same family and I had a ton of stuff for both of my girls.  I had newborn clothes that neither one of my kids got to wear, so I'm thinking instead of just getting her the standard newborn or 0-3 outfits I can get some baby girls designer clothing range from 6 months and up.

It's so great that she's having a baby and it's also so great that I wont be the only friend in our crew to have kids.  I always feel like such a stick in the mud because I can't always meet up with them for dinner or wine, cheese, and crackers or for a stoop party.  I need like 24 hours advanced notice of anything so I can make sure I have someone to stay with the kids and that I have enough bottles to pump into.  I know that as Arya gets older it will get easier, but I really miss my friends and I'll be glad to have one on this motherhood ship with me.


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