Monday, November 4, 2013

I See You

Hey there mom.  I see you.  Sometimes you feel invisible, like you're made of cellophane.  Sometimes it feels like you spend all of your time tending to other people's needs that no one sees that your needs go unmet.  I see you.

I see you lying in bed at night promising yourself that the next day will be better, that tomorrow you'll be better.  Tomorrow you won't loose your patience or your temper.  Tomorrow you'll speak gently to little ears.  Tomorrow you will read more books and give more hugs and really get it together.  I see you staring at the ceiling, your doubts consuming you, feeling like you're not good enough, feeling like you're not enough and wondering how you'll ever do it all.  I see you.

I see you worrying about every decision you make.  Worrying about how you make little hearts feel and how you worry if they're warm enough, happy enough, normal enough.  You worry about how the actions you take today will affect them tomorrow.  I see you.

I see you ridden with guilt.  Guilt over working outside the home.  Guilt over missing that holiday show.  Guilt over not wanting to play.  Guilt over putting on the television.  Guilt over letting the kids eat macaroni and cheese again.  Guilt over not feeling like being a mom for a few moments.  I see you.

I see you mom on the iPhone trying to escape for one moment, to have one moment where no one is tugging at you or crying for you or needing something or demanding something.  I see you.

I see you wiping little noses, kissing boo-boos, cutting off crusts, reading Goodnight Moon for the 50th time.  I see you changing diapers, setting out crayons, creating a pillow fort, scheduling play dates, telling stories, mopping up spills, snapping up onesies, playing dress up, doing the dishes, making lunches, and all of the million other things that you do day in and day out to keep your family running, to keep your family happy.  I see all the things that you do that no one sees or notices or appreciates.

I see you.  


Mrs L said...

Thank you thank you thank you for this! I really needed to see this today. I have followed your blog for quite some time now, but don't think I have ever showed my love and appreciation for the honest, open, wonderful woman you are! Thank you for being such an open book and letting us peer into your life. Jersey Girls have to stick together!

Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

Love this so much. Beautiful. I see you, too. :)

Melissa G. said...

Thank you so much for your kind words this made my whole day!

misssrobin said...

What a sweet gift to give so many moms. I remember what it was like to have little kids. it seemed like bedtime would never come. Like they would never be able to buckle themselves into a carseat or make a sandwich. They will. And you'll get through it. Try to find a moment or two for yourself. And just devour bedtime. You've earned it.

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