Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Idea Village Bright Light Pillow

When our Bright Light Pillow arrived in the mail, Isabella was practically giddy with excitement.  The

Bright Light Pillow is a pillow that lights up.  It's outer covering is super plush and soft and just perfect for snuggling.  But it also lights up in a multi-color pattern, going from red to blue to yellow to green and so on.  Isabella loves to watch the colors change.  Every night after bath and books we snuggle in bed and I shut off the lights and she turns on her pillow, the lights stay on for 15 minutes before automatically turning off, although she's usually so knocked out from school that she can barely make it even 5 minutes.

The Bright Light Pillow comes in a white square or a pink beating heart that glows red.  It requires 3 AAA batteries that are not included.  You just tap to turn it on and then it automatically shuts off 15 minutes later.  At only $19.99 the Bright Light Pillow would make an awesome Christmas gift for a boy or a girl of any age.  I couldn't wait until Christmas to give it to Isabella and I'm so glad I gave it to her early because she just loves it.

It's perfect for bedtime, travel, and sleepovers.  A big thank you to Idea Village for allowing me the opportunity to review this product.


Jin Ai @ Mama Hear Me Roar said...

A pillow that lights up? Now that's a new one! I can just imagine torchlights becoming unnecessary if this travels with the family.

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