Monday, November 18, 2013

Stitch Fix

I kind of love Stitch Fix.  Like for real I love them.  And before I profess my love for Stitch Fix you need to know that this post is not sponsored.  I'm not getting any cash or Fix's for this post, it's purely from the love of my blackened heart that I write this.

If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, I shall enlighten you.  You go online to and you fill out a whole style profile.  It's very detailed and talks about what styles you like, what you hate, what body parts you want to keep under wraps (pooch please) and what you'd like to show off (my ankles are pretty thin, let's showcase them).  They show you pictures and it's a whole mess of fun!  Then based on your style profile a stylists chooses items to send you.  You pay a $20 styling fee that you can put towards the purchase of the clothes they send.  Whatever you want you pay for and whatever you don't want you ship back in a prepaid envelope that they send you.

Here's the pics from my last fix, don't mind the way I look, it was about 10 pm and that's kind of just what I look like when I get out of the shower and air dry.

I wasn't nuts about the fit of this shirt.  I loved the feel and color of it, but I thought it made me look a bit boxy.

This was probably the most comfortable dress ever.  I loved the way the fabric felt on my skin and if I was about 5-10lbs lighter I would have kept it, but I'm still a bit too insecure about my jelly rolls in the middle to feel comfortable wearing it.  But it would be an awesome dress to wear for Thanksgiving or to my work Christmas party with a pair of tights and some boots.  

This is a bad picture, but I loved this top and necklace and wound up keeping them both.  It's hard to see the silky floral underlay, but the shirt looks flattering and I really like the fit.  And if I could wear the bauble necklace everyday I totally would.  

I don't have time to browse the mall.  But I do have time to open a box of clothes hand picked for me and take bathroom selfies like a frizzy haired, no makeup champ!  If you want to try Stitch Fix use my referral code so I can get some credit and my husband won't blow a gasket when he sees the box come in. Seriously, if you're gonna order, don't be douchey, use the link.  And put lots of pics up of yourself cuz I really love Stitch Fix pics.  


Delaney Sanders said...

I have never heard of this site! I love stuff like this, and I despise shopping... Checking it out for sure....

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