Thursday, November 28, 2013


So many wonderful things to be thankful for this year.  Here's a top ten to keep it short and sweet.

1.  My two little girls.  Love them both to bits.  They bring me to my breaking point daily, but they also bring me to peaks of happiness.

2.  Andy.  I couldn't do this thing called life without him.  He has my back in all things, as small as making my lunch and as big as supporting me through all the ups and downs.

3.  My house.  I always joke that this house is a money pit, and it totally is (cue $2,500 to replace the fireplace), but it's in a great neighborhood and I love that my kids have a huge backyard and a basement to play in.  I love all the holidays and memories that we are making in this house.

4.  My job.  The commute sucks.  The politics sucks.  But I love being a teacher.  That moment when a kid "gets it".  When I hear my words coming out of my student's mouth, or even better, when they take what I've taught them and put their own ideas into it.  There's nothing better than that.

5.  Weight Watchers.  I am currently down to 126 lbs.  One pound away from my pre-pregnancy weight and 6lbs away from my goal.  However I am not counting calories today so those numbers may be skewed.  It's a sin to diet on Thanksgiving.

6.  Friends who became family and family who became friends.  Christie, Meaghan, Crotch, Lara, Christina, Teresa, Ally, Monica.  I've grown in my understanding of what friendship means.  It doesn't mean spending every weekend together.  It doesn't mean talking on the phone all day long.  It means being there for each other, showing up for each other and understanding that everyone has their own lives and respecting that, but also trying to fit in the time to be present in each other's lives.  I'm happy to share my life with them and am happy to share in theirs.

7.  My mom.  That woman saves my ass on a daily basis.  She drives me nuts and I drive her nuts, but I'm sure my own daughters will pay me back in their turn.

8.  Coffee and alcohol.  'Nuff said.

9.  A disposable income.  It's not as large as it once was (see #3), but we're able to go out to dinner or take the kids out for ice cream or go see Disney on Ice on occasion.

10.  Isabella's teachers.  She loves school and I know it's because of them.

What are you thankful for?


Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

Love your list. I hope your family had a fabulous thanksgiving and long weekend together!

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