Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Isabella Update

Every month my littlest gets her own update, but now it's time to update on my biggest.  The girl who made me a mommy and who amazes me everyday.

Isabella is 4 and half.  Shut up right?  I can't believe it either.  She's a spitfire.  She loves to dress up and the only time she wears regular clothes is when she's going to school or when we're leaving the house and it's cold.  Other than that, she's in a dress, tights, fancy shoes, and a tiara.  She loves to play pretend and has a crazy imagination.  She loves arts and crafts and handles a scissor mighty well.  She would color and draw and paint all day if she could.

She's doing awesome at school.  In the beginning she was painfully shy and would cower by the teacher, which is so unlike her giant personality at home where she demands to be the center of attention, but Andy and I have been working with her teacher and she's opening up and playing with the other kids.  My bestie's daughter is in her class and they're little BFFs too, so she always has someone to play with.  She's starting to sound out words and recognizing some sight words, she's great with numbers and loves to write letters to her cousins.  She's so smart with the things she says and the things she remembers that she blows my mind.  The other day she told me her favorite color was crimson.

Isabella is a great big sister when she wants to be, singing and reading to her sister.  Other times she just can't be bothered.  I thing she's still struggling with having to share the spotlight, especially now that Arya is smiling and babbling and more interactive.  Isabella thrives on attention.

Some of the things that we're struggling with is her listening and cleaning up her mess.  Isabella likes to do things on her own time frame and she's very very sensitive and dramatic.  More than once she's stormed off to her room and shut the door.  I have to really remind myself (often) to be patient with her because even though she's smart, she's just a little girl.

She loves anything with sugar, especially tic tacs and ice pops.  Eating can be a battle sometimes but we're pretty consistent in having her at least taste things.  She's bizarre sometimes.  She'll eat raw corn muffin mix but not the cooked muffin.  Drives me bananas.

She's a typical four year old, excited everyday to find her elf, pushing us to our limits, "forgetting" to clean up her mess, and loving her family.

This is the dress she wore when she was 2

Sesame Place A Very Furry Christmas with her cousins

Reading to Arya

With her BFF the praying mantis


Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

She is just the cutest! I wish we could get her and Leila together to play!!

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