Monday, December 30, 2013

The Christmas Season

So there's been some radio silence over here on the blog and my facebook and everything else social media like and that's because my husband had the flu, which subsequently turned into bronchitis.  The day before Christmas Eve is father actually took him to the hospital because his fever hit 105!

Crazy huh?

You know what else is also crazy...trying to take care of two kids, wrap presents, cook, bake and assemble a 50 million piece train set by yourself.  Also, when you're hosting Christmas dinner and people hear the word "flu" they scatter like sand in a hurricane.  Can't say that I blame them, the flu is a nasty business that had Andy shivering, sleeping, coughing like mad which sent me into Lysol overdrive after I quarantined him in the basement.

Taking care of a 7 month old and a 4 year old by yourself is not easy.  Forget the house it literally looked like a Toys R Us exploded in here for awhile and there was one dreadful night when Isabella, my four year old, was up for almost 2 hours in the middle of the night for No Good Reason!  Then the baby was up 30 minutes later and I drank coffee like it was my job.

Now he's finally better and I am so happy to have him back and to make up for some lost family time (this is my winter break after all) and to catch up on putting all of the loot we got for Christmas away.

Christmas Day was amazing, aside from him being sick and our extended family not being here.  Christmas is magical when you see it through the eyes of a child who truly believes and Arya was good as gold.  My parents and sister were here and we opened gifts, had a long breakfast, played with toys, drank wine, ate a nice dinner.  It was wonderful.  Andy came up and watched the girls open presents before he went back into his pit of sickness.

He was so sad to have missed it!  But Christmas is more than just a day...It's a season.

Here are some highlights of our Christmas season (I'd edit them to make them purtier, but I have neither the time or the inclination)

A Very Furry Christmas at Sesame Place

Sesame Place

Sesame Place

Oscar the Grouch

ginger bread house
Ginger Bread house making

7 month old baby
7 Months Old!

Christmas pajamas
PJ day at school

Polar Express Train Ride

Waffle Cone Christmas Trees

Making reindeer footprints

My secret elf

Secret Santa girls dinner

Things might be a bit slow around here for the rest of this week.  I'm trying to enjoy what's left of my vacation before I go back to work and now that I have an extra set of hands I might actually get to relax a bit.  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and have an amazing New Year!


Tamara Camera said...

As they say about bronchitis, "ain't nobody got time for that!"
My daughter has the exact same puffy purple jacket that your daughter has.
And they look so cute in it!

Madonna said...

It looks like you had a great Christmas despite the sickness! We had the stomach bug hit our house (thank you, nephew) so each of us was sick at some point during the week of Christmas, but thankfully no one was on Christmas morning. There were a few more things that I wanted to get done, but it just didn't happen. There's always next year!

Enjoy the rest of your winter break!

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