Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby Steps

So I'm starting off this year on a good foot, but resolutions are hard to stick with, so I'm breaking it down into weekly goals to help keep myself not only skinny, but healthy...although skinny is also a big part of it.  I want this to be a big rebuilding year for me.  I want to get my body in order, my spirit in order, my house in order, and my finances in order.

Those are some tall orders, so I'm taking baby steps.

For example, my only goals this past week were to track my eating.  Not make any changes.  Not try to be a health nut from the get go...just to faithfully write down what I ate.  I use the weight watchers app, but pen and paper is also good and so is My Fitness Pal.  Just to write it down and own it.  If you nibble it...scribble it.  If you bite it...write it.  Catchy no?

After reflecting on my food journal, I've noticed that I'm most susceptible to bad decision making in regards to food right when I get out of work at around 3:30.  I just hit a wall and crave something sweet, which is usually the good chocolate that I keep stashed in my desk drawer.  No bueno.  So I'm thinking of maybe stashing some pre-portioned raisins or keeping just one piece of dark chocolate in my car for the ride home.  If there's more than one I'll eat it.  Any other sweet suggestions that won't blow my points?

I've really cut back on the alcohol consumption as well, not only because it's high in calories, but because it gives me the munchies.  Here's my issue, when the hubs and I are sharing a bottle of wine or having a few beers he'll be like "Let's have some cheese and crackers with this wine" or "Hey, wouldn't some buffalo wings be awesome with this beer."  And there he is sitting and eating them and even if I'm really not in the mood for it, I'll pick at it.  Not sure what to do with that.  Somehow eating carrot sticks while he eats chicken wings, doesn't seem that appealing.

I just feel that this is going to be a big year.  One step at a time.


Madonna said...

This is an inspiring post to me as I'm in the same situation - hoping for big changes in so many areas. I need to remind myself that big changes don't tend to happen overnight, but continuous little changes make all the difference.

I look forward to your other posts regarding your "resolutions."

Mamapotamus said...

I had the same problem with after work munchies. I used to keep some raw almonds, an apple, and maybe a cheese stick to eat on the way home. Then by the time I got home my brain had time to realize that I had actually had a snack. Hope it works out for you!

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