Thursday, January 16, 2014

When She's Still

Arya's at an age where she's all go-go-go. Everything is interesting and everything warrants a thorough investigation.  She's scooting, army crawling, and reaching for everything in sight.  It's so fun to watch, but so exhausting.  She's never really content to just sit, she's more into checking everything out.  Even her nursing has gotten out of hand, she'll hear a deer fart in the forest and will pop off to investigate.  It takes forever to nurse her because she's so distractable.  Never thought I'd be longing for those long newborn nursing sessions!

I love the fire and the fun and the curiosity, but there's something now that I savor even more.

When she's still.

Every night when I nurse her to sleep and she snuggles deep into me and her eyelids, heavy with sleep, close and her sucking becomes light and feathery and her chubby little fingers, finally lie still.  There's something so peaceful about it, so sweet.  When I pick her up and her sleepy body, lies cradled in my arms and I place her in her crib and she stretches out like a cat, opens her eyes one last time and then drifts off to sleep.

Those moments are few and far between when she's awake because there's a big world out there that she needs to experience, but I really do love our nightly routine when she finally lies still and I can smell her sweet baby smell and feel the smoothness of her cheeks while they are enshrouded in sleepiness.

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Oh wow, I don't even remember when my daughter was so little that she would sit still and let me hold her. Don't blink, those times go by so quickly. Enjoy these moments. #nostalgia

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