Monday, March 10, 2014

A Hot Mess

I am what I lovingly refer to as a H.A.M...a hot ass mess.  I am just buried.  Buried in paper work.  Buried in clutter.  Buried in toys.  Just buried.

My classroom is a cluster fuck of papers.  It's report card time, we just finished another round of practice tests that need to be graded, I like to analyze the tests to make small groups, plus let the parents know the scores, plus plan out my lessons.  I just feel like I can't breath at work.  Like I'm just constantly scraping together and barely coming up for air.  I feel like I just can't catch up!  One of my students said to me the other day, "Sometimes I feel so bad for you because you always have so much paper on your desk."  Me too kiddo.

The deep freeze of this winter is finally starting to thaw and the snow is melting and the sun is shining and it makes me want to burn down my house and start fresh...or maybe just do a deep spring or the other.  I want to throw out all the junk.  Donate all the donateables.  Maybe sell some stuff on ebay and have a giant garage sale.  I'm just a little short on time.  But clutter makes me bananas and I need to clean and organize all the things.  I wish that the container store would just start sending me stuff out of pity.

We have way too many toys.  Toys on top of toys on top of toys.  My basement looks like a toy store.  I need to chuck the broken stuff.  Store the stuff Isabella no longer plays with and make a pile to sell at my imaginary garage sale that I'm having in the Spring.

I really am just a frazzled hot ass mess of a woman and I need to really pull myself together.  The thing is I'm happy. I never thought it possible for my anal retentive ass to be happy amid crazy chaos.  Don't get me wrong I'd be happier if my coat closet wasn't about to burst at the seams, but I'll take what I can get.


Madonna said...

I hear where you are coming from. I constantly tell my husband that I would love a paid week off - without using my PTO time from work of course - and send the kids to a sitter so I can get everything done. Or at least attack some of the things that take longer than an evening but I don't want to dedicate a weekend to do. Maybe if I told my boss I'd be more productive upon my return he would go for it? Hey - a girl can dream, right?

Hoping you catch a break soon and get caught back up on everything!

Nicole Nenninger said...

Oh boy...Sounds like a busy time of year--bet you're counting the days til summer break!

Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

Let me give you a tip to get rid of the HAM syndrome. Take a couple days off work and stay at home without kids or the husband. I did that this week and it felt SO EFFING GOOD!!! I seriously threw out like half the toys we own and a bunch of other things. I spruced up our bedroom and watched TV whenever I wanted to. It was the best vacation ever. So sad, but true. I highly recommend.

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