Sunday, April 13, 2014

Why I'm a Terrible Mom

The internet is a scary place and it can really make you feel like you're not adding up.  It's easy to feel like a crappy parent as it is, let alone when Pinterest is whispering in your ear that your craft isn't cool enough and your dinner isn't fancy enough.  So here's the list of why I'm a crappy parent.

I play on my phone too much when I clearly need to be engaged with my children every second they are conscious.  How will they ever get any self-esteem?

I make them a separate dinner.  I love grilled shrimp.  Isabella hates it because it looks like a "slime booger."  So instead of a battle, she eats macaroni and cheese...from a box.  Everyone's happy.

I don't make crafting a regular thing.  I used to do tons of crafts with Isabella, but with the baby and work and keeping up with the house crafts are more of a "special occasion" kind of thing.  And my crafts never turn out pretty like on Pinterest.  I don't really care.  Sometimes she likes it better when I just put out some paints and paint brushes and she can go to town.  Easy for me and fun for her.

We watch TV.  I used to feel guilty about this.  I've "Let it Go" "Let It Go" a million times over.  TV saves my mornings and sometimes my sanity.

Sometimes I enjoy being around the baby more than Isabella.  That sounds awful, but think of it for a second.  The one year old can't whine, beg, or tell me that my hair looks "awkward."  She doesn't fight me to get dressed, she eats whatever I put in front of her, and lights up when I enter the room.  I love them both the same, but sometimes Isabella is a much bigger pain in the butt.

You know what?... I don't really care, not even a little bit.


Karen Greenberg said...

I don't think any of those things make you a bad mom. I think they make you a realistic mom. I often feel I don't add up, either, but when I look at the people my daughters are growing into, I realize that I've done just fine. Our kids don't need us to make their worlds perfect. They just need us to do our best and to enjoy them.

Madonna said...

Thanks for the laugh at "slime booger." You are not a crappy mom, but finding what works for you, your family, and most importantly, your SANITY. When I get into the "I'm a crappy mom" mindset, I remind myself that that even though I'm not Pinterest worthy, I'm still there for my kids and doing things with them. That's a lot better than some of the other moms that I know!

Just A Touch Of Crazy said...

Love it! I'm a bad mom too! I can't imagine life without Netflix and I love when it's time to take my five year old to school :)

EstheticGoddess said...

Yup these things just make you a real mom. I did all those things when my boys were younger. My youngest from the age of 2-4 almost daily refused to wear clothes. He wore them outside or if we went somewhere but at home he would peel them off fast. I gave up and just let him be. There were many times we were all sitting at the dinner table and Shane didn't have a stitch on! That was our normal at the time.

Jo said...

I love the internet but if there is one thing I hate about it it is the fact that you can always find some article or study telling you how bad you are at being a parent. This is total and utter Bull S!

You are NOT a bad mom, you do what works best for your family. Plus, you are human! As long as your girls know you love them and they are fed and cleaned you are already doing a great job.

Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

Yep, I can relate to prettying all of this! Especially the dinner thing. I don't think Leila has ever once eaten the same thing as is for dinner. Pickiest girl alive! Hope you're having a blast at Disney!!!

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