Thursday, May 8, 2014

Extended Nursing

When Arya was first born the thought of nursing her for a year (my ultimate goal) seemed like a long and daunting prison sentence.  I mean between the bloody torn up nipples and the toe curling pain when she latched, I never thought I'd make it. we both learned and perfected our technique, things really evened out and nursing became not only easy, but enjoyable.  Now we're coming up on her first birthday (shut up right?!) and it's seeming like neither one of us is really ready to end our nursing relationship.

I don't want to be one of those women who nurse until their kid is in grammar school, I'm thinking I'd like to just go a little further, maybe through the summer.  I wouldn't be working so I wouldn't have to pump.

She has breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus a snack or two and she'll have breast milk 3-4 times per day, from me if I'm home or pumped milk if I'm working.  I'd like to keep the morning and night nursing sessions and drop the middle two.  That would be my ideal.  But she's such a little nursling.  When I'm home she constantly wants to just "graze".  Which doesn't really bother me, but it's not heading in the direction I want.  We've started adding cows milk to her bottles a little at a time and she's tolerating it well.

Honestly, I kind of worry that people will think it's "weird" or "strange" or "gross" if I continue to nurse her past one.

What is your take on extended nursing?  Any advice?


a105cf96-9b04-11e3-abb6-000f20980440 said...

I think you should nurse for however long you want. I did baby-led weaning with both my kiddos and one stopped around a year, the other at 9 months. DO what is comfortable for you - it is, after all, the last time you will be nursing.

I wouldn't worry what people think - do what's best for you and Arya :)

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