Thursday, May 29, 2014


Right around New Years I finally had my "AHA Moment" when it came to my health.  I was still dragging around a ton of my baby weight, I hadn't gotten back into exercising, and I was so sick of being envious of people who were writing about their fitness journeys on Facebook and Instagram.  People were running 5K's, posting recipes for healthy meals, and hitting their goal weights.

I'd love to say I was happy for them, but I was just jealous.  Because they were doing the healthy thing and I was doing the eating pizza and drinking beer on the couch thing.  Which is cool, and needed sometimes, but I had had it with looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a chunky blog.  I was sick of my clothes not fitting.  I was sick of feeling sluggish and lacking energy.

So I started Weight Watchers.  And I stuck to Weight Watchers.  It's amazing how well a program works when you follow it seven days a week and not just Mon-Thursday.  Weight Watchers is the best program for me because I need to be accountable.  I need to track everything that I eat, weigh myself each week (I do online because I don't have time for meetings), but still have room to splurge.  I need my flex points.

I saw the number on the scale go down.  Of course here and there I had a bad week and would gain a bit, but that's all part of the process.  It's a lifestyle not a diet.

Then I started running again.  My runs were laughable, but hey I was getting it done.  Then I started doing some of the workouts on-demand on cable and those were pretty tough.

I could start seeing the results.  Then a bunch of girls at work all started doing P90X3, which is a 30 minute version of Tony Horton's P90X.  That's where the money started happening.  I was dropping weight a lot faster and now (about 60 days in) I'm really starting to see some definition and toning.

My problem areas are still my problem areas (stomach and hips) but they're getting better.

Then I bought the Shakeology to go along with the Weight Watchers and P90X3.  So it's like a triple trifecta of health.

I actually went on a food bender over Memorial Day weekend and I had that same bloated/sluggish/shame feeling I used to have, so yesterday was right back on the program.

Before I had Arya I was a gym rat and I used My Fitness Pal.  My situation has changed since then and so has my fitness plan.  I'm still a little bit away from my goal weight and I have a lot more toning up to do, but I feel great and I love the way that my clothes are actually fitting me.

 I'm too embarrassed to post my official "before" picture, but maybe I'll post the "after" know...after.

This was late December 2013

April 2014


Madonna said...

What a motivating post! Congrats on your hard work paying off! You look great.

EstheticGoddess said...

You go, girl! Just get back on the right track when you have a day or to of splurging and you will reach your goal!

AwesomelyOZ said...

Ugh I feel the same way about eliminating sugar - it's definitely a one-day-at-a-time and sometimes week at a time process.. Congratulations on reaching your goals you look great! Hope you have a great weekend Melissa :) -Iva

Yulunda G. said...

Wow! You look amazing and have encouraged me too continue striving towards my goal(s), wieght & otherwise!

Thanks for visiting my blog and remember to "Close Your Eyes and JUMP!"

Nicole Nenninger said...

You look great! I love running--it's portable (I run in the rain and most kinds of weather--except ice), fun, and you can do it by yourself or with others.

Sonya K said...

I need to make more of an effort to sticking to a fitness plan. I love using the Nike Training Club app, but I need to do it more than a few times a month. Right now I'm trying to avoid sugar for a while including fruit because I can eat a lot of fruit (like a whole pineapple in a day). I need to increase my intake of veggies. I would like to eat a least seven serving a day. So hopefully, by eliminating sugar I will eat more veggies.

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