Thursday, May 8, 2014

Garage Sale

So since I'm totally done having babies I have a lot of "baby stuff" that's hanging around in my garage.  Things like swings, pack and play, basinette, jumper etc. I'd like to have a garage sale but I'm kind of at a loss on how to plan and promote one.

Is there a lot of haggling going on? How do I decide on a fair price? When and how do I start to promote it? What kind of stuff do I need to help set up?

I've tried Craig's list without a lot of success so I'm thinking if I can sell most, or even some of it, that would be great and I can donate the rest. 

Share with me your best garage sale tips and tricks! 


Madonna said...

I just went to a huge garage sale weekend at a neighboring community. It happens the same time every year so limited advertising is done, but I have read that 1-2 weeks notice (depending on where you live) is adequate, either on craigslist or a yard sale website. Advertise that it will happen rain or shine so even if it's not a perfect day, people will still come. And if it's mostly baby stuff, note that too.

When I know someone has their shit together:
Clothes are sorted by sizes in bins and already priced (or a sign nearby). Typically I've seen shirts $1-2 and pants $1-3, usually $1 more than the shirts. All other items are marked with a price. Up here, most people will just pay what they see on the tag and I honestly hate making a deal. Some people want to get the full price of what they paid for it and some are willing to sell it just to get rid of it. I would browse craigslist to see an idea of what people are paying for something in your area.

If something is a set, put it in a plastic zip lock bag and sell it as a set, like baby toys. People don't have to search for all the pieces and you don't have someone trying to buy one piece of a ten piece set.

And have change for everything. Lots of $1s and $5s. Nothing is worse than someone paying with a $20 for a $2 item and using all of your change.

I live in the country so as much as I would love to have a garage sale, I wouldn't get many people to come. I'm thinking of getting my shit together and doing one next year at my in-laws' house during their big garage sale weekend. It'll take me a year to go through everything and price it all! But I'll have a lot of empty bins and money to buy the next season's clothes! Good luck!

Seana Turner said...

You can also check our your community on Facebook. Many towns now have a local "Area Tag Sale" group you can join. You just photograph items and upload them with a price and pickup location.

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