Tuesday, May 6, 2014


When I tell people that I have two daughters, some have the audacity to ask when I'm going to try for a boy. Rude! The truth is, I love having two girls. I love that they get to be sisters.

I was always very close to my sister growing up and I still am. I know that there's no guarantee that when they grow up into themselves and their personality develops that they'll even like each other. But I hope they will. 

I like to imagine them as teenagers sharing clothes and talking about boys (it will probably be more like fighting over clothes and boys). I think of them talking on the phone when they move out, cooking together, shopping together, having play dates with their own kids. I like to think of them as my sister and I are now. 

Even now that Arya has become more mobile and interactive I can see their relationship growing and changing. Arya will crawl over to Isabella to see what she's up to. Isabella will play peek-a-boo with Arya or tickle her. Sometimes I see them making up completely insane games together, like taking turns growling at each other. It's cute I swear! 

More than anything I like the fact that they will have each other to lean on and support when Andy and I are old and gone. 

And if one of them happened to have a super power like freezing things and creating ice palaces that would be cool too. 


B. Jenkins said...

I can not TELL you how much I relate to this post. I am an only child and I have two daughters as well (6,3). I love seeing their relationship with each other (when they are not screaming and yelling at each other). I pray every day that they have a great bond when they grow up because as an only child, I have no siblings to have that relationship with. Oh..and as a side note: I also get that "when are you going to try for a boy" question as well! I am good with my two daughters!

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